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MK Ahmad Tibi
Photo: Gil Yohanan

Saddam execution immoral

Strong Iraq under Saddam could have been part of regional peace process

When passing judgment on Saddam Hussein's execution we must mainly relate to the identity of those who handed down the verdict and carried it out on the Feast of Sacrifice.


Those are the American occupiers and their yes-men in Iraq. But I will first say what I already said in the past: Saddam Hussein was a cruel dictator who led a totalitarian regime. And those who carried out the brutal verdict against Saddam are those who are leading a government that brought anarchy and disaster to Iraq and divided the Iraqi people to ethnicities and murderous militias that kill dozens of Iraqis every day.


Those are the people who used the West in order to topple Saddam's regime, occupy Iraq, and take over its resources, including oil resources. The occupiers in Iraq sought to reinforce American army bases in the Gulf as they wish. They are the neo-conservatives of the Bush Administration who proved their diplomatic blindness and their hatred for Islam and the Arab world time and again.


Saddam's arrest photos were humiliating and led to critical responses in the West even before the Middle East, and this was also the case when it came to the execution. I was always opposed to executions on principle and I still am today.


Bush's democracy light years away

Iraq during Saddam's rule was stable, powerful, and flourished both economically and scientifically, despite the prominent shortcomings and serious sins associated with Saddam and his people.


Yet today Iraq is a country - in fact, three pulverized countries – that is unsafe for its residents and where murder, robbery, rape, and abductions are daily occurrences. The democracy and economic prosperity promised by Bush are light years away.


This is yet another lie by the neo-conservatives shattering before our very eyes in the form of a coffin parade comprising innocent Iraqis and American soldiers. President George W. Bush is personally responsible for their deaths.


Saddam's killing is an immoral act on the one hand and an ineffective one on the other. It has no legal basis as we're talking about a court made up of American puppets brought there to carry out a blatantly illegal order, which is the execution of a deposed president.


Both the act itself and the provocative, cruel timing that hurt Muslims on the first day of the Feast of Sacrifice said it all about the plotters, planners, and implementers. It constituted stupidity and indifference.


After September 11 Bush was looking for a scapegoat. Saddam Hussein and Iraq were labeled with the fault of terrorism and support for al-Qaeda, which was proven to be a lie. Iraq could have continued to be, despite its totalitarian regime, a strong country and possibly even an element that could have assisted a genuine regional peace process.


The irony of faith is that currently there are two people rubbing their hands with glee as they watch the noose around Saddam Hussein's neck – George Bush and Ahmadinejad. And that says it all.


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