Photo: Avi Moallem
Tali's mother with balloons outside the prison
Photo: Avi Moallem
Tali's friends
Photo: Avi Moallem

Friends: Tali Fahima leaves prison a 'winner'

Tali Fahima's friends who accompanied her struggle for release for past 2 years finally rejoice, are now convinced that she was the victim. Outside, supporters awaited her, including Actor Juliano Mar and his 6-year-old daughter

Tali Fahima's friends were not moved by the serious charges against her – of contact with a foreign agent and transferring information to the enemy, or by her long prison sentence. To her friends, Fahima was, and still remains the victim.


"Tali is leaving the prison today as a winner and the State came out as worthless," said Yael Lerer, Fahima's good friend and a member of the committee for Fahima’s release which was established after her arrest.


Like other friends on the committee, Lerer accompanied Fahima during her difficult times behind bars.


"This day of freedom should have arrived two and a half years ago," said Lerer. "Every day that Tali spent in jail was unnecessary. This was a political persecution and an attempt at intimidation. Someone thought that Tali was weak and if they ganged up on her, they could scare her and, through her, scare other people who share similar opinions.


"Tali like us, was unwilling to accept walls and roadblocks and openly spoke out against the occupation and killings. The system thought that Tali was easy prey, but here, she is strong," he said.  


'What did she do? Meet Zubeidi?'

Tali called Yael from inside the prison, and according to Yael, Tali told her that she was very excited and happy.


"We were afraid that at the last minute before her release someone would harass her and the release would be postponed. Today, Tali walks out a winner," said Yael.


The Coalition of Women for Peace's spokeswoman Adi Dagan had a hard time understanding why two years of Fahima's life were wasted behind bars: "What did she do? Go to Jenin to meet Zubeidi? I was also in the Territories and I was not arrested. Uri Avneri was in the Territories in 2002 and he wasn’t arrested. She was arrested just because there was no organization behind her."


According to Dagan, Fahima was just one victim out of a whole line of "political victims": Those under administrative detention, conscientious objectors and others.


Amongst those welcoming the released prisoner was actor Juliano Mar who even brought his six year old daughter for the visit. "I love Tali and I brought her a gift and chocolate," said the child.


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