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Don't be a sugar daddy

Ramon verdict justified punishment for aggressive, arrogant man

Never, and I mean never, mess around with a woman that is younger than you by more than a quarter century. As a father to a daughter, listen to me: Don't even think that a young woman who can be your daughter feels anything for you beyond a sense of "what a lovely old man."


It doesn't matter whether you're 45 and she's 20, or whether you're 55 and she's 30. The idea that a 20-year-old woman can be physically attracted to an old man like Haim Ramon (who is 56) is baseless, outrageous, and ridiculous, even though it circulates among men of this advanced age.


Only an aggressive, arrogant man lacking self-criticism can imagine that a woman who is more than a generation younger than him would offer him a flirt, physical closeness, or even an erotic kiss. She will certainly not do that – unless you're a distinguished artist such as Pablo Picasso.


In any other case – and all of us fall into that category – remember the laws of natural choice. They apply to you too, particularly to you. Every age has its own beauty, and women who are in their 50s and 60s are beautiful. They are certainly more beautiful than Israeli men of the same age.


If you got carried away, apologize. Apologizing is the most natural, expected, and manly human act. Jewish culture is replete with the idea of apology. The God of Israel is a merciful one; you can repent any sin almost by a sincere apology and a heartfelt request for forgiveness.  


Ramon should have apologized

Had Ramon sent the young woman he kissed a large bouquet the same day he forced his kiss on her and attached a long letter of apology, had he begged for her forgiveness and promised to apologize publicly if she wanted – the entire matter would have never reached the courtroom. Those who confess and apologize are pardoned.


But Mr. Ramon did not dream of apologizing. Surrounded by his high self-esteem, he viewed a manly, humane apology as a sort of surrender and possibly humiliation. Why the hell should he ask for forgiveness? What's the big deal, one kiss with the tongue?


At this time, apology is not a common feature of Israeli culture. Apologies are very rare. Those who apologize usually expect something in return for their apology. They forget that just as the reward for a good deed is the good deed itself, so is the case when it comes to apologies, with the apology itself being the reward.


The Ramon affair, in my view, is not a legal earthquake, political shocker, or a cultural revolution. It is merely a reminder of the limits of age and the chutzpah of a man who desires woman who are more than 30 years younger than him. This is called being a sugar daddy.


And a final advice: Each one of us has a voice inside of them, known as "conscience." At times, even when you're a man convinced that no woman would be able to resist your charm, even a woman who could be your daughter or even granddaughter – it would be proper to listen closely to the voice of this bothersome conscience and do as it orders. Just for the sake of being a human being.


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