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The affliction of disengagement
Photo: Hagi Aharon

Is God a leftist?

God's revenge on pullout leaders insignificant compared to suffering of settlers

Even before the celebration over former Chief of Staff Dan Halutz's resignation ended, the settler pagans found time to celebrate the resignation of Police Commissioner Moshe Karadi. As far as they are concerned, this is another targeted assassination of a member of the disengagement gang carried out by an avenging and begrudging God.


As an aside, it is worthwhile mentioning why these revelers are deserving of the term "pagans." A religious Jew knows that he worships God. A pagan Jew is convinced that God worships him. And he who doesn't worship God (but rather himself) is a pagan. That's how it works.


And so while the echoes of Karadi's resignation speech were still resonating in the air, various joyful and idolatrous articles started appearing publicly. The writers of these articles – that for some reason bear revealing names such as Halleluiah Stiglitz-Aminetzach, Neshama Mikdashzedek-Greenstein, Goalia-Levi Nakambagoim and other such audacious combinations – listed the names of those who suffered since God began working for them as their revenge contractor. The list included Ariel Sharon, Omri Sharon, Dan Halutz (the more meticulous will also include other names), and now Moshe Karadi.


As every rookie TV producer knows, sorcery, black magic, the finger of God and "pulsa denura" are hot items in the psychotic Israel of 2007. People tend to relish such nonsense and allow it to completely twist their minds.


It is therefore quite important to refute this nonsense, even if it only stems from a sincere desire to assist in safeguarding the public's mental health. Seemingly there is nothing easier: One can simply count the number of tragedies, misfortunes and afflictions that have beset settler leaders, rabbis and settler collaborators – may the lord bless them with good health, long life, happiness and comfort. Unfortunately, they too are often beset with painful afflictions.


Does public prefer witchcraft over reason?

A reasonable person, it can be hoped, would understand that the equal distribution of misfortunes and afflictions - that go beyond political parties – have nothing to do with God's hand, but that it is the nature of the world. The problem is people seem to prefer witchcraft over reason.


Therefore, there is no other option but to conduct a routine and effective psychological exercise - to join the pagan revelers and to find the contradictions from within.


And that's what I did. I went through an hour of joyful bliss over Karadi's resignation, but then an irksome question began to cloud my joy. My stubborn rationale argued that indeed, the health or status of five or six disengagement perpetrators was afflicted. Yet those who are currently celebrating God's revenge at these five or six people are also the same people who have been mourning for more than a year-and-a-half over the tragedy, sorrow, pain, lack of finances, despair, despondency, diseases, suffering, neglect, grief and loss that has afflicted the thousands of evacuated settlers.


Isn't the punishment of these thousands an act of God? Didn't he, with his very own finger, bring all these afflictions on them? Could there be another God working in the area serving the leftists?


Moreover, the five men of authority who were afflicted only account for five out of thousands who partook in the disengagement process. As these persons held posts of power it wasn't difficult to attach a small can of worms to each of them. Their affliction can therefore be attributed to that, rather than to the disengagement.


Contrary to them, nearly all the evacuated settlers suffered (besides those who decided not to suffer and managed quite well.) The avenging God didn't randomly choose five or six people from their ranks, but rather, struck at them all. Can anything clearer, more coherent, and more unequivocal than this be said?


It is worthwhile telling the community of revelers: If the heavy hand of God teaches us something about his opinions and stances – there is no doubt that he is a de facto leftist.



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