Ahmadinejad, our secret agent in Iran

Iranian president's actions undermine his own country, help Israel

Could it be that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is working for us? He is after all doing an excellent job for Israel. This week, while Teheran is divided between pragmatic elements calling to suspend Iran's nuclear program (or at least enter dialog with the US,) and militant elements who are not prepared to make any concessions – militant Ahmadinejad should definitely be supported.


It would be bad news for Israel if the Iranian nuclear program was halted now because international pressure would wane, a new American president would come to power and the smart Iranians would renew the project later on. Fortunately we have Ahmadinejad who insists that his country be isolated and trumpeted as the world's problem child.


Following is a list of Ahmadinejad achievements in less than two years:


  • Thanks to his defamatory words, he brought the Iranian nuclear issue to the top of the international agenda. If it hadn't been for him, who would have become involved in such a worrisome matter? It should be noted that Ahmadinejad's two predecessors, Presidents Rafsanjani and Khatami, developed nuclear capability but this didn't come to the world's attention. US, Britain and Russia must now ensure that Iran does not achieve nuclear arms.
  • Ahmadinejad has pitted the US against Iran, while virtually pushing it to take military action against his country. While another aircraft carrier is already stationed along the Iranian coast and the US military is being reinforced in Iraq, a military attack on Iran is no longer a far-fetched scenario.
  • The Iranian president has lost European support to such an extent that countries such as Germany, France and Britain are insisting on expanding sanctions on Iran. It is hard to comprehend but the British and the French are more at odds with Iran than with the US.
  • He united the whole world behind Israel due to his foolish denial of the Holocaust. He actually emboldened international support for Israel in wake of his desire to annihilate it. Thus he has managed to make Israel the world's underdog once again after many years. Once again we are David and not Goliath.
  • By his own doing, Ahmadinejad is building the great Sunni camp against the Shiites and Iran. He has created such immense fears and hostilities in countries such as Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States and even among some Palestinians, that this fear is now uniting them against Iran. This Sunni alliance has the potential to cooperate with Israel in the future.
  • Due to Iran's Shiite enthusiasm, the rift between Iran and Syria - its only ally - is also growing. The Syrians feel very uncomfortable with the Shiite ambition for hegemony, which could ultimately come at their expense.
  • The unofficial international economic embargo against Iran is expanding, and is likely to soon become official if the Security Council makes such a decision. This would result in further damage to the already unstable Iranian economy, which is entirely dependent on its oil.
  • Ahmadinejad is also increasingly losing Russian support. What transpired is not quite clear, but the Russians are currently delaying the shipment of nuclear materials to the plant they themselves helped build in Busher.
  • Internally Ahmadinejad has also achieved quite a lot by inciting entire sectors within Iran against him and the Ayatollah regime, while insisting on imposing a radical and conservative line on the entire country without understanding the direction of history, which is distancing itself from the conservative line.


Could Ahmadinejad actually endanger the existence of the Ayatollah regime? – If he succeeds, then agent Ahmadinejad would have done a great job!  


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