Photo: Dalit Shacham
MK Marciano
Photo: Dalit Shacham

MK Marciano will apologize to guards after brawl

Labor MK seeks to reconcile with security guards at Herzliya nightclub after Wednesday night out ended in fistfight, police charges against him. Guards say they will accept apology

Knesset Member Yoram Marciano (Labor) plans to meet with security guards from the Rio club in Herzliya and apologize to them for the events of last Wednesday night. Marciano's attorney, Navot Tel-Zur, told Ynet on Saturday his client is eager to resolve the matter with the guards involved in the incident.


Marciano was involved in a brawl with the guards while he was attending a birthday party held at the nightclub. Marciano reportedly attempted to leave through a closed exit and when the security guards prevented him from doing so he physically assaulted them.


"This matter needs to end with reconciliation, an apology, shaking hands, a bouqet of flowers and maybe even a contribution to some organization" said Tel-Zur, adding that the meeting would be coordinated with the police.


"This isn't a case of corruption nor is it even a classic assault case. There was some friction, things got out of hand, what's the point of making this into a scandal for a public figure?" said Tel-Zur.


However, a security guard at the Rio club filed a complaint with the police over the incident. The guard stated that Marciano was inebriated when he assaulted the guards.


Marciano filed a counter-suit in response, and told the media he was the victim in the story.


Yaniv Segev, an attorney representing the security company operating the guards at the club addressed Marciano's gesture and said that the company welcomes any attempt to end the affair.



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