Prime Minister Ehud Olmert
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Tale of a chicken

Olmert's realignment plan like bad chicken used for various purposes

Does anybody remember the realignment plan? That was the plan meant to be the continuation of the famed disengagement plan. Realignment died in the wake of the second Lebanon war, after even Olmert realized unilateral withdrawals bring war both in the north and south.


Yet thanks to realignment, Olmert managed to bring the Labor party into the government, while by calling off realignment he was able to later bring Israel Our Home into the government.


Thanks to realignment, Olmert managed to create the impression that the government had an agenda. Yet after realignment was called off, the Left's hope for withdrawals evaporated. Then, the signal was given to attack Olmert and his corruption cases with no pangs of conscience.


When the town miser discovered his wife is about to throw away some bad chicken, he immediately stopped her from doing so: Why throw away? We'll give it to the town's pauper, who hasn't tasted chicken for a long time.


They gave the chicken to the pauper, who became ill. The miser and his wife went to visit him. When the pauper died, the miser and his wife went to the funeral, and later went to comfort his wife.


On the way back, the miser told his wife: Look at the great value of this chicken. Thanks to it we fulfilled four mitzvahs: We donated to charity, we visited a sick man, we attended a funeral, and we comforted the bereaved. And you wanted to throw away such chicken?


And here we have realignment. Thanks to it, Prime Minister Olmert rises, falls, and becomes entangled. And all of us around the dinner table are devouring the bad chicken.


4 percent approval rating 

Four percent of the public believes he is the most suitable person to be a prime minister. Olmert?! No. Amir Peretz?! Not at all. A combined four percent believe that Olmert (three percent) and Peretz (one percent) are worthy of heading the Israeli government.


A country is not managed according to polls. Yet the mood of Israeli society these days is so unequivocally against those two figures, that they have no other option but to quit and say: Thanks, but this job is too much for us.


We already had prime ministers who appeared unsuitable for the post. Yet somehow, once they assumed the prime minister's chair, they also sounded like prime ministers. The post made them, and the national flag at the backdrop at least gave an impression of importance.


Peretz and Olmert, Olmert and Peretz, look like what they really are, unfortunately. Two crafty wheelers and dealers who somehow found their way to the top. They way they yelled at each other during a recent government session said it all. Suddenly even the government session looks like another cockfight at some loud Knesset committee on channel 99.


With one percent and three percent approval rating, their career is over.


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