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Professor Uzi Arad
Photo: Eli Algarat

Abbas has become Hamas

Palestinian leader no partner for talks after adopting Hamas positions

Mahmoud Abbas has stated that the establishment of the Palestinian national unity government signals a new phase in the Palestinian struggle.


And indeed it does, because clearly the new government's platform points to a significant political escalation in the Palestinian struggle against Israel. If Israel does not deal with this challenge, international isolation of the Palestinians enforced until now is likely to end and even lead to renewal of diplomatic ties between several countries and the newly established government.


In time, the cracks will further expand and turn into a political landslide from Israel's point of view, and the pressure exerted on Hamas last year calling on it to moderate its positions will dissipate completely.


If this transpires it would present a significant achievement on the part of Hamas, because since its rise to power following the disengagement from the Gaza Strip it has continued to build military might, established its hold on the ground, and is now collecting political and international rewards without having to actually modify its policies.


On the other side of the tracks, Israel has found itself in a rearguard battle aimed at preventing the political avalanche, and it has clearly contributed to the occurrence of such an eventuality.


Terror not renounced

The failure of the disengagement emboldened Hamas. Moreover, the elementary conditions set by the Quartet on Hamas were not decisive enough, and from the moment Abbas adapted his stances to those of Hamas at the Mecca summit and Israel did not renounce it, the road was paved to Abbas' inclination to accept that the unity government's platform would resemble the Hamas' fundamental positions.


This is why, for example, the new Palestinian government has not renounced terror and does not recognize Israel. As to the adherence to former agreements signed by the Palestinians, there's nothing to be said here, because even Abbas himself is not adhering to them.


This presents a severe decline in the Palestinian position, and it's hard to ignore how in parallel even Palestinians with Israeli citizenship declared that their vision is similar to that of their brothers in Gaza and the West Bank: The abolishment of the Jewish State in Israel. This is also what Abbas' insistence on the right of return actually implies.


And how is Israel dealing with these challenges? It's looking for an escape in the Arab initiatives, it is expressing its willingness to skip over phase one of the Road Map – the phase where the Palestinians are required to deal head on with terror – and to immediately enter dialogue pertaining to a final-status agreement, which is unfeasible at this point in time.


Since Abbas has estranged himself from the Quarter's demands and the commitment to the Road Map, Israel has nothing to discuss with him. Abbas has colluded with Hamas, and therefore Israel cannot engage in talks with such a Palestinian unity government.


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