Shlomo Goldwasser
Photo: Dudi Vaaknin
The march in Tel Aviv
Photo: Liron Elmog

Learn from the British, says Shlomo Goldwasser

Dozens take part in march for release of kidnapped Israeli soldiers. Return of 15 British sailors captured in Iran brings families some hope as one father urges Olmert to talk directly to the kidnappers

"There's a lot to learn from the British," said Shlomo Goldwasser, Ehud Goldwasser's father, in a trans-Israel march calling for the release of the three kidnapped IDF soldiers on Thursday.


The march had reached Tel Aviv when the participants heard that the 15 British sailors held captive in Iran had been released.


Goldwasser said that the lesson to be learned from this was "to talk directly to the kidnappers and not through mediators. I would expect and did expect that my prime minister (Ehud Olmert) would turn directly to the kidnappers and demand they make a deal, this is what the British did from the start and they succeeded. I even told him (Olmert) that."


Ehud's wife, Karnit Goldwasser said, "Their (the British sailors) release brings a kind of hope. We would like to share in their joy.


"In the year 2007, captives can be brought home from a country like Iran, and this is unequivocal proof. And still, we return without Udi (Ehud), Gilad (Shalit) and Eldad (Regev)."


Ehud's father Shlomo added, "I am not jealous of those families, but am happy about their joy. However, we must remember that their situation was different – they were kidnapped by a country."


Shlomo and Karnit Goldwasser marching. (photo: Liron Elmog)


'Assad must give us a sign'

Referring to reports in al-Hayat newspaper saying that Syria promised to make an effort to have the soldiers freed from Hizbullah captivity, Shlomo said, "Assad said, and I expect him to live up to his word, that he would join our struggle. The words are good, but he should start acting. He should give us a sign. Assad has a lot to do and prove, for example he should stop supporting Hizbullah."


Karnit added, "No one told us in person about what Assad said exactly. If it is true, I hope it's not just lip service and that he will prove it."


Dozens of people participated in the march, and although most of them do not know the soldiers personally, they felt the need to show their support on this holiday of liberty.


Karnit and Shlomo Goldwasser were pleased with the great support shown by the Israeli people, but said there was still room for improvement.


"We are marching so as not to forget. All those traveling, including the prime minister, should know that there are families suffering. This kidnapping should come to its end, and this is what the people want.


"While there are so many good people, who don’t even know them but come to support us, there are those who have no idea as to what's happening. The taxi driver that drove me this week asked me, 'he's already home, isn't he?'


"We must remind people that don’t watch the news that there are still three kidnapped soldiers that must not be forgotten. Of course life must go on, but to ask me how many soldiers were kidnapped, or not knowing their first names is absurd."


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