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Will he return? MK Azmi Bishara
Photo: Niv Calderon

Bishara says cannot serve as MK if persecuted

MK Azmi Bishara refuses to state when he will return to Israel; 'world goes beyond Israeli politicians and journalists and their Arab conspirators,' he says

While everybody in Israel is feeling bewildered over his leaving the country, National Democratic Assembly Chairman MK Azmi Bishara granted a couple of interviews to Arabic newspapers in Israel.


"I cannot serve as a member of Knesset if I am being politically persecuted," he told Hadith al-Nas, an Arabic newspaper published in Nazereth.


He said that he had considered resigning from the Knesset before his trip, but now, in light of the "witch hunt" he was subject to, he was thinking about it more seriously.


In another interview he gave on Thursday to the Kul al-Arab newspaper, also published in Nazereth, Bishara attacked the Israeli media and those he dubbed "Arab mercenaries who serve the governing establishment," who spoke out against him.


He said that he was surprised at the "unprecedented, inexplicable incitement" against him.


In the interview that will be published fully on Friday he emphasized that he had succeeded in instilling a new political culture that was not dependant on Zionism and stated that he believed he would also make it past this ordeal.


'New rules to the game'

Bishara decided to shed some light over his route since he left Israel on the weekend: "I left Israel for work.


"It started with a lecture before the Jordanian Writer's Union," he detailed. "I then I commentated on the Arab summit for the Al-Jazeera network. From there, I went to Aman to meet my family, as my children are on holiday."


Bishara's family reportedly returned to Israel on Thursday.


He added that the extent of the incitement reached dangerous levels. His home had been photographed, his address made public and his family's whereabouts were documented and reported on the news: "These are new rules to the game, but they were not created to obtain justice, not even by Israeli standards."


He said that he had not yet made any decisions regarding his return to Israel and his actions.


"However, I do have a commitment to fulfill. I will not take advice from those who wish to destroy me. The world goes beyond Israeli politicians and journalists and their Arab conspirators," he stated.


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