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Wanted: soldiers, officers of disengagement

Extreme Chabad faction is circulating photographs of soldiers who took part in disengagement, looking for their details

What do the police do when they are looking for criminals? They publish pictures of the offenders and ask the public's help in finding them.


An extreme faction in the Chabad movement has decided to adopt the method, only their 'most wanted' are not criminals, but members of law enforcement agencies and IDF soldiers who were involved in the disengagement.


People who provide information about those in the pictures are promised a reward.


Chabad's attitude towards the IDF is usually amiable. On Jewish holidays they go to army bases and present the soldiers with Hanukkah donuts and Purim parcels of food gifts, for example.


But an extreme sect in the movement, that calls itself the World Headquarters to Save Israel, is launching this new scheme targeting those who participated in the pullout.


Members of the organization are circulating a booklet in settlements, synagogues and places where evacuated settlers are now living. The book has photos of soldiers and police officers who took part in the disengagement. They are asking for the public's help in identifying the individuals in the pictures and providing their names and addresses.


The booklet also includes 'before and after' pictures of houses, families being evacuated and clashes between security forces and the evacuees.


Sentences like "We shall never forget, and we shall never forgive," which is normally used in the context of the Shoah, and "Remember what Ariel Sharon did unto thee," alluding to "Remember what Amalek did unto thee" (Deut.. 25/17), also appear in the pamphlet.


The organization's intention is to later publish a "Black Book" with all the pictures, names and addresses of the "'expulsion perpetrators."


Punished from above

The last page of the booklet has a picture of the Lubavitcher Rebbe along with those responsible for the disengagement.


These people have all, according to the organization, already been punished for their involvement: Former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon suffered a stroke; former Chief of Staff Dan Halutz and Police Chief Moshe Karadi were forced to resign; President Moshe Katsav, former Minister Haim Ramon and MK Tzachi Hanegbi have been involved in criminal affairs; and Yonatan Bassi, head of the Disengagement Administration, had to leave his kibbutz after being accused of collaborating in driving settlers out of their homes.


The sect responsible for the booklet was formed before the disengagement, under the leadership of Rabbi Dov Wolpo. He said that the purpose of the publication was to "perpetuate the cruelty of Ariel Sharon and his friends who raised a hand on the Land of Israel, to warn those who come after them not to follow in the same path."


He said the reward offered was a CD of pictures from the disengagement.


In the past, far-right-wing activists harassed members of the armed forces who had participated in the disengagement. They received threats, their cars were damaged and their families were intimidated on the phone.


In response, the IDF Spokesperson Unit said that the IDF severely regarded these attempts to terrorize soldiers who follow orders according to the law.


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