A day that is all good
On Tuesday, May 8, 2007, we invite you to take a break from your routine and join us in our effort to make Israeli society better. On the first Good Deeds Day, led by Shari Arison and “Ruach Tova” (Good Spirit) organization, every one of us can make a difference
Every one of us has something to give - even a simple smile- and there is always someone who will be happy to receive it. It is this attitude that has led to the creation of a new tradition that will be launched on Tuesday, May 8, 2007- when the first annual Good Deeds Day will take place. Throughout the day all citizens of Israel will be invited to take part in a joint effort for the benefit of the society as a whole.


No! We are not asking you to donate money. We ask that you dedicate a few hours of your time. You can do it where you live or with the people you work, and you can choose to do good in an areas that are important to you: Neglected and abused children, the elderly, the disabled, new immigrants, or the poor.


Good Deeds Day is a joint initiative of Shari Arison, head of the Arison Foundation, the “Ruach Tova” organization, and with the “Mahut Ha'Chaim” (Essence of Life) organization.


This is the first day of its kind in this country, a day that is all about giving. Together we will strengthen the sense of mutual responsibility, consideration, and the desire to create a better society - values that are the anchors of the foundation’s outlook.


“We want everyone to wake up in the morning and ask how they can help their neighbor, a new immigrant and the entire Israeli society”,

says “Ruach Tova” chairman Rafi Elul. “We aspire to establish volunteerism on a national level and to understand that each of us, and not just the very wealthy, can help others. This way people will feel that they are not alone, that not everything is materialistic, and most importantly that there is a human aspect. We have proved our ability to help others during the Second Lebanon War, and we will also prove it during days of peace and stability”.


Hundreds of social projects and initiatives throughout the country, together with Israel's leading commercial companies will participate in the Good Deeds Day. IDF soldiers, employees from dozens of companies and private individuals will participate – you can too!


• Would you like to participate in Good Deeds Day? Any additional questions? Contact “Ruach Tova” at 1-700-505-202 or email


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