Avi Dichter
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Enough cruelty, enough apathy

Images of motorists ignoring accident victim show something happened to us

In the middle of the day, in the heart of the country, Moshe Hai Yisraeli was hit by a passing truck and critically injured as he was hurled onto the road. For a minute and a half, which seemed like eternity, he bled on the road of a busy junction and no one stopped to offer assistance. Moshe bled to death in front of passing drivers who saw what was happening and drove on.


Something has happened in Israel. My soul can find no comfort and my stomach has been turning since watching the inconceivable footage. My heart keeps asking what have we come to? Where will the indifference and apathy take us? What is this screen that has plastered our eyes shut so that we do not see or hear the groans of death?


Mutual aid, helping each other in times of need and even the military slogan "one for all and all for one" were once a code of life. This is how we were raised, and this is what we passed on here. We chanted the words of the song "I had a friend, I had a brother, lend me a hand in times of need," and Moshe Hai died in the middle of the junction while not a single hand was extended in aid. The image is so powerful and wrenching that it leaves no room for pondering. What has happened to us?


Inconceivable sight

I stand ashamed in face of this inconceivable sight, I bow my head in sorrow and disgrace in front of the bereaved family for the cruel way the head of their family met his death. But more than anything I stand unable to express myself vis-a-vis this cruel reality.


On such a day a singular cry should be sounded: Enough, enough of apathy and alienation, enough of the cruelty and the indifference. Road accidents and other hazards, similar to terror attacks and disasters, are daily occurrences in this country. We always knew that we were brothers in times of need. We always knew that there would be someone who would lend a hand. A significant part of our strength draws on this sense.


You, who passed by the corpse Monday, should be the first to pause and to examine what has happened to you. Why were you not there when you were needed? The images that were aired over and over should be shown again and again. All of us should watch, feel ashamed and swear: This will not happen to us!


Avi Dichter is Israel's internal security minister


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