Photo: Yaron Brenner
Was disengagement a mistake?
Photo: Yaron Brenner
Regretting the Gaza pullout
Do words of regret over disengagement signal a change or are they a mere fad?

A pamphlet published recently by the Yesha Council presented some astounding words of regret by several of the leaders, executors and supporters of the disengagement plan: Reading some of them is hard to believe.


Journalist Ilana Dayan: How is it that we all blindly followed Oslo?...Why didn't we ask whether disengagement was the right step?"


TV personality Avri Gilad: I supported the disengagement plan and I was wrong…the orange (pro-settlement camp) was right.


Journalist and political commentator Yaron London: Nothing has been built on the ruins except terrorist training camps…"


Playwright Yehoshua Sobol: I wouldn't like to see us folding from Judea and Samaria once again and to see Qassam rockets being fired on Kfar Saba, Ra'anana and Herzliya…"


Major-General Yiftah Ron Tal: (Commander of the land forces during the disengagement): I cannot understand why Israel relinquished parts of its land voluntarily and passionately, and how it turned settlers connected to the land into criminals…


Journalist and TV personality Yair Lapid: The calmest front at the moment is in Judea and Samaria. Heretic thoughts are suddenly occupying the minds of the staunchest leftists: Perhaps it's not the occupation?


Alon Gershon Hacohen (in charge of disengagement in the Gaza Strip): The disengagement was a crime, and I was a partner to a crime against the Jewish people…the Second Lebanon War is the punishment…"


Journalist Dan Margalit: I had hoped that it would be possible to achieve bi-national peace between the River Jordan and the Sea; however, there is nothing to discuss…a man should not be expelling another from his home; moreover, a Jew should not be expelling another Jew.


Journalist Yoel Marcus: It appears that the extremist settlers …were the ones who were right. The Palestinians turned Gush Katif into
a base for ongoing fire…"


Now, what is required of those who have changed their minds is to relate to the current developments: To the scam that says there is a difference between Hamas' and Fatah's final solution of Israel's annihilation, as if the debate is not only tactical and that Mahmoud Abbas is not Arafat's successor. And if we let them establish a state after which they will remove their masks, what will those who made an about turn do then? Beat their breasts in contrition?


Is Fatah, which comprised the gangs of al-Aqsa Brigades and the Tanzim, not a terror organization? And why do the "born again Jews" not ask what are Abbas' chances of survival, and alternately – what would happen if he resumes unity with Hamas, and if the funds, arms and heaven forbid, an entire Palestinian state will fall into Iranian hands?


When Scud missiles were falling on Israel and the Palestinians danced on the rooftops, former Knesset member Yossi Sarid said: "Just wait." However, this sobriety quickly passed. How will we know if this new wave of regret is not just a passing fad? Perhaps we will know when we see public negation of the accepted lies and illusions prevalent right now among the march of the moonstruck.


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