Lobbing vegetables
Photo: Reuters

Missile-launcher aimed at Gaza

Group from central Israel makes improvised projectile-launcher, lobs organic eggs, vegetables at Beit Hanoun to raise awareness of situation in Sderot

A number of Israelis from the Tel Aviv vicinity drove south and fired improvised missiles towards Gaza, in an effort to raise awareness of the difficult situation in Sderot.


The group used a projectile-launcher built by Yahav Michaeli - a stunts and pyrotechnics expert - to lob organic eggs and vegetables towards Beit Hanoun.


"The idea was to draw attention to what's going on with a little bit of humor, because we thought it could relieve the pressure a little," said members of the group.


Improvised projectile-launcher (Photo: Reuters)


"When you wander around Sderot and notice the atmosphere there, you understand that a sort of emotional stagnation has taken hold of the State. That's why we decided to do what we did," they said.


"We need to shake people up and we thought that this sort of shooting towards Beit Hanoun would be a type of peaceful shooting.


IDF sources who heard of the missile launcher hurried worriedly to the launch site. They were greeted by group member Yigal Tzur, who told them, "we mean to shoot at Gaza."


The officer responsible for the region informed him that shooting was prohibited in area and requested he stop. Upon being informed that the group was shooting eggs and vegetables, he allowed them to continue.


The group had brought with them organic eggs, corn, mango, tomatoes and other vegetables - much of it bought in Sderot - to launch at the Palestinians.


"The shooting was amazing, some of the vegetables flew whole over to the Strip, we actually spotted the eggs flying into Beit Hanoun and the thought even crossed my mind that some day, we may be able to make Arabic salad here, a salad of peace," Tzur added. 


"I'm glad we did this, because we were able to arouse awareness and put a smile on the face of the residents. We are considering keeping this up, and the next 'attack' may even be against the Knesset building. I'm already working on a more advanced cannon that will be able to fire whole cabbages."


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