Ron Breiman

If I were a Palestinian

Palestinians shouldn't do a thing, and just let Jews do the job for them

The Israeli defense minister, he who pulled the IDF out from Lebanon in a manner that planted the seeds for the second war in Lebanon, he who gave Nasrallah the appropriate backdrop for his famous "spider's web" speech, once said that if he were a Palestinian he would have joined a terror organization.


After his return to the office from which he was shamefully ousted following the 2001 elections, he is once again showing his capabilities, this time by sending the IDF against Israeli citizens, with the applause of "Transfer Now" members and their colleagues from the human rights movements (provided that the human beings in question are not Jews.)


Recalling what Barak said, I have asked myself what would I have done if I were a Palestinian? Actually, I wouldn't do a thing.


If I were a Palestinian, I would just wait for the Jews. They are so anxious to sell out their land – sorry, to hand it over, since it is a process of "selling" without receiving any payment in return – and therefore courting their enemy, begging that it agree to take their homeland.


Ehud Barak offered Yasser Arafat 95 percent of the heartland of the Land of Israel and got the Oslo War as an outcome; Ehud Olmert offered Mahmoud Abbas, the holocaust denier, 100 percent, with the backing of Shimon Peres, the architect of the Oslo War; and, if Tzipi Livni, who aspires to replace Olmert, will eventually get his post, she may offer him 105 percent of the heartland. Thus shall it be done to the enemy whom the king of the Jews delights to honor!


If so, why hurry? Mahmoud Abbas can embrace Ehud Olmert in Jericho and Ismail Haniyeh in Gaza, receive guns from the Jews and money from the Europeans in order to strengthen his good terrorists, and show Hamas' Khaled Mashaal that by using "peace" maneuvers you can get more from the Jews.


In the meantime, his brothers, the bad terrorists, will continue to fortify and arm: They will receive cement from the Jews for the construction of underground bunkers that will cause the shedding of IDF soldiers' blood, weapons from the Egyptians above and below the ground, and money from the big brother in Tehran. Israel, that used to be the symbol of determination in the fight against terror, is now supporting it, for the sake of "peace."


Day after day, our region sees more and more Palestinian states emerging. The "2-state-vision" inherited the old Zionist vision in the eyes of the post/anti-Zionists. Today, a Palestinian state already exists in Gaza for the bad terrorists; today another Palestinian state is being offered to the good terrorists in Judea and Samaria – the Israeli media for example have forgotten that the landlord of Judea and Samaria is the IDF after all, and it behaves as if "president" Abbas is the landlord in our heartland; and, sure enough, there is a third Palestinian state east of the Jordan river.


What has reamined in order to achieve the vision of Greater Palestine is the establishment of a fourth Palestinian state, between the sea and the Green Line, for the pleasure of the Arabs within Israel.


No need to hurry

If I were a Palestinian, I wouldn't be in a hurry. The job of the righteous is being done by Jews. She who enlisted herself to promote the Palestinian state within the Green Line is the glorified minister of "education."


The books that she designates for third-grade children in the Negev and Galilee (the minister who promised to develop these regions has abandoned them and has become the president) include terms used by the enemy. How can we complain about incitement in textbooks of the Palestinian Terror Authority? Their Hebrew edition is officially stamped by the Suicidal State of Israel.


If I were a Palestinian I wouldn't be in a hurry. In the meantime, Jews are killing one another on the roads and streets; killings and murders, rape and robbery throughout the country. They are asking again and again: Why don't we see the police in the streets? And where is the minister of "internal security"?


It seems that the Israeli police, as well as the IDF, do not lack manpower or resources. For those who did not see how 3,000 police officers attacked two Jewish families with 14 children have never seen a well coordinated operation, or, more precisely, have not seen one since the rigorous and precisely-executed ethnic cleansing of Jews from the Gaza Strip and Northern Samaria by their well-dressed and equipped brothers.


They were not as prepared and equipped so rigorously and completely for the Second Lebanon War as they are for making the area designated for the bad terrorists Judenrein, free of Jews.


And, this week, the ministers of "defense" and of "internal security," backed by the well-financed members of "Transfer Now," themselves being financed by the donor-states and backed by the High Court of Justice whose status is hence deteriorating, focused on eviction of Jews from Jewish property in the City of the Patriarchs.


If I were a Palestinian, I wouldn't be in a hurry. Jews have never been so diligent and methodical in preparing the ground for the future Palestinian states. Even Jews from abroad unite, through the United Ishmael Fund, to give more and more land to those who are crowded within the tiny space between Casablanca and Tehran.


Ron Breiman is the former Chairman of Professors for a Strong Israel (2001-2005)


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