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Proud to be a madman

Israel faces physical annihilation from without, spiritual annihilation from within

My freedom is precious to me. My job as well. But some things are even more precious. I think of Jonathan Pollard. An entire nation has betrayed him, save for the few who persistently fight for him. I cannot be intimidated too much. There are too many examples in history of devotion and self-sacrifice. The real freedom is to worship God. All the rest is nonsense.


The Jews and all those residing in the area are threatened with annihilation. If an all-out rocket barrage is launched – either from the southern or the northern front – this would be enough to paralyze the country's civilian population and shatter Israel's military capabilities. And what if the two fronts are coordinated? And what if other elements join the war?


An attack on at least one of the fronts is likely to be carried out at any moment. Israel cannot launch an attack, because it is bound by its commitment not to be the first to open fire. It needs a cause, like in the Second Lebanon War.


In the meantime, during the past year and-a-half, Israel has chosen not to enter Gaza, and continued to abandon Sderot and the Gaza area communities, while, according to all published reports, the arms caches and military abilities in Gaza have grown much stronger and now exceed those possessed by Hizbullah last year.


Indeed, the war in Lebanon was a missed opportunity which may not occur again. Contrary to the Winograd Committee's opinion, Olmert was right to launch an immediate offensive. But defeat from above was lurking, because he declared he was fighting for the "realignment", not for victory. The IDF's higher ranks were already rotten from within, and those who have been awarded citations are the victims of the peace policy, who paid the price of corruption with their lives.


Man's freedom earned by refusal

I apologized for cursing several times in most broadcasts on the day following the evacuation, and especially on Monday this week. After the widespread assault against me, one reporter told me, "But you already apologized last week." But it's not the apology they are interested in, it's my blood they are after. Me and my friends are the dam blocking the leftists' jihad against the Jews, and Jews like myself shall triumph, with God's help.


When I cursed the IDF commander, I concluded by saying that the curses apply only if he failed to repent. I said this despite my "lack of self-control." I have been accused of lunacy and of being a psychopath by the old religious kibbuztniks, who can't forgive me for my resentment towards them when I spent time on a kibbutz in 1963, and therefore they write cowardly talkbacks against me.


I intend to take legal action against those I can, first in a Torah court, and then through legal proceedings, if the Sanhedrin court permits me. Under the current circumstances, I am proud to be a madman. Yes, there are times when an honest man belongs in jail.


The discussion surrounding the boundaries of insubordination was not invented by the Right or the Left in Israel. Man's freedom has been earned by refusal, when just and moral. The leftist organization Yesh Gvul and the Shalem Institute on the Right have gathered and interpreted historical wirings about moral refusal. Man's honor lies in his refusal.


Spiritual enemy in universities

In light of this darkness, the people of Israel must do some soul-searching and realize what serious crisis we are facing. They must understand where they are going. Even if we sell out the entire West Bank and withdraw from the Golan Heights this will not suffice as long as Jewish sovereignty exists, and as long as there is a remnant of the State of Israel and the presence of the Jews who lived here remains.


Egypt and Saudi Arabia, Libya and Pakistan are lurking, along with the 70 nations of the world and the monotheistic religions and their modern incarnations. But the toughest enemy is from within.


Just like there is a physical, eternal enemy that is threatening the Jewish people, there is a spiritual enemy that dwells in most of the Western universities, and has secured a stronghold at Bar Ilan University as well. This enemy has threatened University President Professor Moshe Kaveh with a High Court petition in order to have the university's title as a religious institution revised, based on democratic arguments.


In their persecution of me they demonstrate the value of academic freedom, of freedom of speech and the democratic movement. I don’t know how the university's president managed to appease this hostile element, which I now realize has succeeded in shattering the moral backbone of those who signed the petition against me.


As a result of Rabin's murder, the university has turned into the place most threatened by blackmail and political terror. A crude example of this are the thuggish Mapainic threats made by people who were suspected of criminal acts.


Officials affiliated with the defense establishment threaten that if the university fails to fire me, it will not receive the thousands of career officers that are sent to study there every year.


The university president has changed his announcements on my issue three times in one day. His first and second statements did not satisfy the blackmailers. The university's clear surrender to terror is a black flag that now threatens all the universities.


I do not know how the witch hunt against me will end, but I wish to say that the Israeli authorities' abuse of Pollard has set a very high price tag for self-sacrifice. If I suffer even the smallest fraction of the burden of revealing the betrayal as he did, this would not be a surprise. The champions of democracy are capable of adopting, either freely or forcefully, any dictatorship.


The full article will be published in Hazofe supplement this week


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