IDF troops during Second Lebanon War
Photo:Ati Promovitz
Apology that never came
Mother of soldier killed in Lebanon hopes leaders will apologize this year

This year I expect the three leaders and their aides responsible for the Second Lebanon war to come forward and apologize to me for killing my child. Yes, I know this may sound terrible – but it's the truth.


I am not pinning any hopes on an alternative leadership. All I am asking is that they apologize and explain why my child was killed. Those responsible for the war should apologize and explain what they were trying to achieve, to admit and say "I sinned, I erred, I transgressed." They should beg me for my forgiveness – but I am not sure I can grant it.


I have been living with this feeling since Ro'i died. I will continue living with this feeling until the end of my days. I still ask myself for what and for whom Ro'i died, and I have no answer. I will continue to feel this way on every day I still have left to live: That my child was killed for nothing, with the wave of a hand.


I see what is happening today with the Qassam rockets, and once again I see the government's helplessness. The Qassam rockets can definitely be dealt with – we have the largest army in the Middle East after all – yet we do not do so for various, nonsensical reasons that will once again cost us more soldiers' lives. Nonetheless, I would like hope and believe that impulsive measures will not be taken again as they were in Lebanon. Let them think long and hard before embarking on another war so easily.


Nonetheless, I am trying to be optimistic, the only consolation are my daughters and grandchildren, among them the two children Ro'i left behind. Although they lost their father due to the erroneous decisions of our great warlords – they are my solace.


I witness the terrible things going on in the country: The rampant criminal corruption, the lack of encouragement and love, a reality where everyone is at each other's throat. Ahead of the new year all I can wish for is that that each and everyone of us, at least in their close family and social circles, do their utmost to be better people, a better country - the rest is not up to us.


The writer is the mother of Major Ro'i Klein who was awarded a citation of valor for jumping on a hand grenade, thus  saving his troops during the Second Lebanon War 


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