Photo: AP
Photo: AP

IAF sends fighter jets after Syrian aircraft

Jets sent out in search of aircraft after it disappeared from IDF radar. Aircraft found crashed on Syrian side of the border, not believed to have been on hostile mission

The IDF sent Israeli Air Force fighter jets after a Syrian aircraft that disappeared from IDF radar Saturday.


According to IDF sources, the Syrian aircraft was later found on the Syrian side of the border, after it had crashed.


The IAF jets found no evidence of the aircraft attempting an attack and proceeded to return from their mission safely.


Sending IAF jets after unidentified aircraft which fall off the radar is a standard method of operation in the IDF, the sources said.


Saturday's incident was the height of the recent tensions between Israel and Syria, following Israel's breach of Syrian airspace a few weeks ago and Syrian President Bashar Assad's statements regarding "the option of war".


A heightened state of alert was noticeable all over Israel during Yom Kippur weekend as well, as thousands of policemen, Border Guards officers and civil guard volunteers roamed the streets.


The security establishment had eight specific indications of terror attacks as well as dozens of general alerts indicating that various terror organizations may try and stage a major attack during the weekend.


The security establishment is scheduled to hold a security assessment meeting later Saturday, to decide whether or not to lift the closure imposed on Gaza and the West Bank before the weekend.


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