Unprecedented. Mazuz
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Probed. Olmert
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Olmert under investigation – again
Attorney General launches third investigation against prime minister. Probe to cover his years as industry, trade and labor minister, expected to be harshest of the three. Opposition calling for Olmert's immediate resignation

In an unprecedented move, Attorney General Menachem Mazuz Ordered Monday a third criminal investigation be launched against Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.


The investigation spans Olmert's tenure as industry, trade and labor minister in Ariel Sharon's government, when he allegedly approved dozens of political nominations through the Israel Small and Medium Enterprise Authority.


Olmert is currently under investigation in two other cases: the privatization of Bank Leumi and the Cremieux affair. According to police sources, the investigation into Olmert's years in the Trade Ministry seems to be the gravest of the three.


The investigation, which will be conducted by the National Fraud Unit, will apparently be monitored closely by Mazuz as well as by State Prosecutor Eran Shendar. The NFU is also heading the other two criminal investigations against Olmert.


The NFU is expected to appoint a special investigator to the Trade Ministry affair, as well as an extended team compiled of the unit's various divisions.


Major General Yohanan Danino, who heads the NFU, is expected to meet with Mazuz later Monday to discuss the ongoing investigations as well as the new one.


Following Mazuz's decision to launch another investigation against the prime minister, many in the opposition are calling for Olmert's immediate suspension, and preferably resignation, from office.


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