President Peres with EU Commissioner Ferrero-Waldner
Photo: Yisrael Noy
European commissioner slams Gaza sanctions
In a meeting with President Peres, Benito Ferrero-Waldner blasts Israel's plan to cut power supply to Strip; warns failure of Annapolis conference may cause further escalation

Israel will not ignore the missiles and mortar shells injuring Sderot's children, President Shimon Peres sais Monday morning in a meeting with EU External Relations Commissioner Benito Ferrero-Waldner.


Peres added, "Europe must understand that the sanctions imposed on Gaza are a direct result of Hamas' acts of murder and terror."


Peres met with Ferrero-Waldner to discuss ways of achieving a breakthrough between Israel and the Palestinians ahead of the US-sponsored Mideast peace conference.


During the meeting, Ferrero-Waldner expressed reservations over theIsraeli government's decision to impose sanctions on the Gaza strip including limiting power and fuel supply.


Ferrero-Waldner said Israel must support and strengthen Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.


She noted that the Europeans are following developments closely, as a failure in Annapolis might cause further bloodshed and escalation in the area.


Peres said that the decision to impose sanctions was not a simple one and that all of Israel's actions were "a direct result of Hamas' acts of murder and terror."


The president added that Israel was committed to the peace process and that there was a consensus regarding the Palestinians' right to establish an independent state. Peres further clarified hat Israel would not compromise on the right of return which will mean the destruction of Israel.


The two also discussed the promotion of the Palestinian economy, the construction of industrial parks, and the encouragement of international investment.


Peres called on the EU to act against Iran and prevent it from gaining nuclear capabilities.  


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