Liat Douadi
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Policewoman recounts 'hell' in Peki'in

'Right now I need a vacation to recuperate, but I'll be back,' says Border Guard officer who was attacked by masked men during riots in Druze town

Border guard officer Liat Douadi, who was attacked by masked men during the riots in the Druze town of Peki'in on Tuesday, told Ynet of what she referred to as "four hours of hell'.


"The nightmare began just moments after we arrived at the scene to apprehend those suspected of rioting last Saturday night," Douadi recalled.


"At some point I became separated from my battalion. A group of masked men spotted me and then dragged me 20 meters to an alleyway, where some of them began kicking me and trying to stab me with a sharp utensil," the 19-year-old said.


Douadi said she sustained only a minor wound to her thigh thanks to the soldier's kit she was wearing.


'I was covered in glass'

According to the policewoman's account, the rioters shouted "you won't get out of here alive unless we get what we want". Douadi was finally whisked away to a prayer house by a retired police officer until she was rescued from the area with the cooperation of local religious leaders.


"Everyone knows I wasn't released for free; they received everything they demanded," Douadi told Ynet.


"During those difficult moments I lost track of time, so I don't know how long I was held captive," she said. "I owe my life to the officer who took me to the town's prayer house and protected me from the rioters. He was even injured in the neck while defending me with his body.


She said that at a certain point a group of Druze religious leaders who had met earlier with Northern District Police officials entered the prayer house. Initially the rioters refused to comply with the religious leaders' request to free the officer, but eventually she was led out of the prayer house and taken out of town by car.


"The windshield was shattered during the ride and I was covered in glass," Douadi recalled. "It was hell; I prayed that the ordeal would end in peace."


After receiving medical treatment, Douadi hurried to visit a fellow Border Guard officer who was hospitalized after sustaining head wounds during the riots.


"I have been serving in Border Guard as a fighter for a year and two months now, and I plan to stay on the force for the remaining 22 months in the unit that I love," she said. "Right now I need a vacation to recuperate, but I'll be back."


Thirty-one people were injured in the clashes, which broke out early Tuesday as Peki'in residents protested the installation of a cellular antenna in the the town. Police and Border Guard officers, local residents and Magen David Adom paramedics were among the injured.


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