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Mishali. Choices
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My sons won’t go to Gaza

Yael Mishali’s sons to join IDF soon, but she won’t let them take part in Gaza war

Despite the upcoming Annapolis conference, we smell Gaza in the air. The scent of war. Everyone is talking about it everywhere and all the time. Talk of “eventually there will be no choice,” rumors of the huge quantities of weapons that are piling up over there (“if up until Hamas’ takeover they smuggled 30,000 whatever-it-is a month, now they’re smuggling 100,000”). We hear reports from soldiers who did their reserve service and saw with their own eyes the “cemetery for occupiers” Hamas’ Ismail Haniyeh spoke about last week.


In short, it’s only a matter of time (or of new investigations in the Olmert affair) before the IDF will want to put my sons on trucks en route to hell.


But just before it happens, when you still have some time to think of alternatives (and I don’t dare suggest peace, heaven forbid, just another war,) this is my opportunity to stand up and say with confidence: “It won’t happen.” You won’t be getting my sons for your Gaza war. If all of you (including the prime minister, ministers, Knesset members, chiefs of staff and major generals) bring your sons back from overseas, where they are safely living, you can use them to fight your war.


Unable to think of better idea

Yes, I know that we can no longer bear what’s going on in Sderot. Yes, I know that life is intolerable in Gaza-vicinity communities. Yes, I know that soldiers in the army do not choose their missions, and I know this is the price of democracy. Nonetheless, I’m still not giving you my sons for a war that both you and I know there is no way we can win. Giving you my sons is not the price of democracy, and it is not being done for the sake of Sderot or the southern town of Ashkelon – giving you my sons is the price of your impotence.


If you haven’t prepared possible alternatives for the war in the streets of Gaza, I guess you don’t care about my sons or about the commission of inquiry that will be established after the war that you know you’ll be able to overcome without personal conclusions. In any case, there’s a chance you will no longer be serving in your post when someone will stand up and accuse you of sending their sons to their death because you were unable to think of a better idea.


Mothers no longer function automatically around here. We understand full well that Hamas will decide when is the right time for it to invite us to the Gaza trap. It will boost the rate of Qassam fire, improve their range, add Katyusha rockets, and who knows what else. The outcry around here will grow stronger and you’ll just shrug your shoulders and say “we’ve had enough” and “there’s no other choice.”


Well, that’s the thing. There is a choice. More than one choice. Your job is to find it. This coming summer my two sons are joining the IDF, but you’re not getting them for your no-choice war.


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