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Chief of Home Front Command retires from IDF

Maj.-Gen. Yitzhak Gershon, head of Home Front Command, decides he's had enough; says despite all the resources IDF is employing against rocket fire from Gaza, it has yet to find fitting solution for problem

In a ceremony marking the transfer of Home Front command chiefs on Thursday, outgoing Major-General Yitzhak Gershon said that the "the IDF's continuous, extraordinary operational efforts are not providing a fitting response to the Qassam threat."


Gershon is stepping down from his position as Home Front command chief after 32 years of IDF service. He will be replaced by Maj.-Gen. Yair Golan.


"For the past three years, and still to this day, Israeli communities in Sderot and the Gaza Vicinity are under ceaseless attack by the Qassams. These attacks undermine the security and sense of secuirty and prevent (the people living in) a whole segment of land from living normal lives."


In reference to the Second Lebanon War, the outgoing major-general said that the war had made clear the need to prepare the home front for future threats.


"Our role is to strengthen and prepare the resoluteness of the Israeli home front in order to allow the combat soldiers on the frontlines to have the peace of mind required and (to give) the IDF the block of time necessary in order to win on the front.


"We will only be able to promise all of this through faith in the path, uniformity of purpose, standing together, and reciprocal guarantees.


"We unfortunately lost these during the last war and I'm doubtful that we have been rehabilitated," Gershon said.


In his closing remarks, Gershon spoke about the revolution that has occurred in the Home Front command after the war and spoke about the situation in Sderot.


Gershon served in the Paratroopers Brigade during his military service and was considered one of the most promising officers in the army. His name had been raised as a possibility for promotion, however it appears that in wake of criticism directed his way after the Second Lebanon War, he decided to call it quite and retire from the army.


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