'We share the values of democracy.' Bush
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Welcome, Mr. President

Israel welcomes true friend, who is here because we’re world’s bleeding wound

The State of Israel greets you today with gratitude. Two thousand years of exile and persecution have honed our ability to distinguish between friend and foe, between well wishers and evil thinkers, and you, George W. Bush, shall be perpetuated in our history uniquely as one of the Righteous of the Nations – those who helped us in times of distress.


We share the values of democracy, love of humanity and pursuit of peace. The partnership and friendship of your country are essential cornerstones on which the State of Israel depends.


For Us, America is first among our true friends – and you, Mr. President, are first and foremost of them, even when we differ.


The State of Israel thanks you today, and through you we send our gratitude to the hundreds of millions of citizens of your country, whose support we cherish.


Come in peace, leave in peace, bring us peace. God bless America.


Working visit

The fact that the American president is visiting us is an expression of honor – but let us not play dumb: He is arriving here because our region is the world’s bleeding wound, and he is here to see what can be done in order to end the bloodshed.


The doctor is coming to visit his patients in Israel and in the Arab world.


But is he bringing the proper medicine? This is highly doubtful. The Islamic world around us has become more devout, more zealous, and more violent. If “Allah rules by the sword,” then he has been working overtime lately.


Should Bush be able to initiate genuine talks with the Palestinian side, we would be able to say that the president has taken the first step on a very long road, even though almost all US presidents in recent generations have already preceded him.


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