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Hassan Nasrallah
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Hassan the butcher

Nasrallah reaches zenith of repugnance; even Arab rulers would welcome his death

A normal person cannot digest the “human butcher shop” list presented by Hassan Nasrallah Saturday. By revealing the 'merchandise' he claims to be holding, he turned himself, with his own words, into the 'butcher from the Dahiya,' Hizbullah’s Beirut stronghold.


If Nasrallah had any trace of a doubt regarding his place on Israel’s list of candidates for elimination, on Saturday he again bought himself a permanent seat in the first row.


What stands behind the despicable statement is the pressure Nasrallah faces at this time. Any way he looks at it, he can sense trouble and a collapse in his status. On the Lebanese street he has turned into a despised character because of the ruin left in the wake of the war that broke out after Hizbullah abducted two IDF soldiers.


Thousands of uprooted residents, unemployed farmers, crippled and wounded people all remember that Nasrallah confessed to the folly of the abduction that led to the war.


When it comes to the Lebanese political arena, Nasrallah failed in his effort to topple the Siniora government. For three months now he has prevented the appointment of a new president, but he managed to further turn the international community, as well as Arab rulers, intelligence agencies, and the Saudi royal family against him.


He is also pressed by the publications, which have not yet been denied by Tehran, regarding the reduction of his military authority in favor of his deputy, Naim Qassem. In Iranian eyes, Hizbullah has three heads at this time: The operational department headed by Imad Mughniyah, the military wing headed by Naim Qassem, and the public relations and welfare departments, headed by Nasrallah. This is what Tehran believes he is capable of doing these days out of his bunker.


Prisoner swap could be lifesaver

For a year and a half he has been underground, moving between hideouts, fearing for his life. One moment of distraction could cost him his life. If one of his security guards betrays him, Nasrallah will disappear.


Moreover, Mossad agents are not the only ones seeking to settle the score with him. Even al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden, who planted secret cells in Lebanon and nurtures the Fatah al-Islam group, disparages Nasrallah. Should he be eliminated, nobody will be shedding tears in the palaces of Arab rulers. Only sighs of relief will be emanating from there.


A prisoner swap with Israel that would enable him to secure the release of Samir Kuntar, who is serving a life term for murdering an Israeli family, could serve as a lifesaver for Nasrallah. For two months now he has been engaged in desperate pleas to complete the “big transaction.” However, Nasrallah the blood merchant rejected to this day the Red Cross’ requests to visit the abducted Israeli soldiers. There is no way to get a sign of life from them or to transfer letters and medical equipment to them.


Under such grim circumstances, Nasrallah received from the German mediator a slow timetable and swap terms which he would not be able to present as a glorious victory in Tehran and to his Hizbullah movement.


On Saturday, at his weakest junction, he reached the zenith of repugnance by sinking to a human nadir.


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