Peres and Merkel: United front against iran
Photo: Reuters
Peres to Merkel: Economy can further peace process
Israeli president, German chancellor meet at Peres’ Jerusalem residence, discuss ‘Peace Valley’ project, new industrial zone to be established in Jenin at German funding. Peres urges unified Western front against Iran
Israeli President Shimon Peres met German Chancellor Angela Merkel at his Jerusalem residence Tuesday. During their meeting, the two leaders discussed the peace process with the Palestinians, as well as the Iranian nuclear threat, among other topics.


Peres stated that in order to further the peace process it is essential to enhance the educational system and infrastructure in the Palestinian Authority, as well as to create new jobs within the PA in order to improve the quality of life of its Palestinian residents.


Only taking this approach, noted Peres, in lieu of providing weapons or monetary donations to the PA -which only served to increase corruption and bureaucracy, will truly bolster chances for a lasting peace in the region.


During the joint breakfast meeting with Merkel, Peres also noted that Israel cannot make major concession to the Palestinians, or allow for the establishment of a Palestinian state, as long as its security is compromised in any fashion. To that end, said the president, Israel must support and bolster those moderate voices within the PA who genuinely want a lasting peace with the Jewish State.

Meeting of minds. (Photo:AP)


Displaying the full length map proudly adorning his parlor, Peres also introduced the German chancellor to his “Peace Valley” project, proudly noting the new industrial zone to be established in Jenin thanks to a major monetary contribution from Berlin.


Merkel stated that she, like the Israeli president, sees economic development as the to furthering the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, and that such development must be accelerated and hastened to the greatest extent possible so that tangible results are produced as soon a possible.


Peres also stated during the meeting that Israel welcomes German involvement and interest in the Mideast, and that the Western powers—that is Europe and the United States—must present a united front in order to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons.


Peres noted that a nuclear Iran poses a threat to the West in its entirety, and that money derived from Iranian oil funds terror groups such as Hamas and Hizbullah.


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