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Barak: Good fences make good neighbors
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No sheep in the Knesset

Instead of following Barak and Olmert like stray sheep, our government needs to take decisive action to protect Israel

More than 50 hot “dates” have come and gone. The couple has met two, three times a week for hours on end, but still can’t get enough of one another. In swanky hotel rooms, fancy apartments…If this wasn’t our (Foreign Minister) Tzipi (Livni), I would start to worry.


Instead of utilizing her valuable time to wage a massive, worldwide PR campaign about the terror attacks Israel is facing, the threats looming over all of our heads and our right, no duty, to defend ourselves, Livni is idly chatting with weak Palestinian leaders that can barely speak for themselves.


Any agreement that Israel reaches with such leaders is contingent upon their remaining in power. The only way they can remain in power, or even alive, is dependent upon Israeli military presence which utterly undermines any accord that can possibly be reached. Paradox, anyone?


Our foreign minister is putting 100% effort into meeting which have 0% of yielding anything of value. We (Israel) can only sign a peace agreement with parties that want to make peace and can also live up to terms of the accord that they sign.


Hamas refuses to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist, and so there is absolutely no cause for Israel to enter into negotiations with them. The Palestinian Authority, conversely, might accept Israel’s right to exist, but is far too weak to honor any agreements that it signs with Israel, so there is little point in negotiating with them either.


Israel must not hinge its hopes on any United States president, as amicable to the Jewish State as he may be. We cannot, must not, resign our fate to the length of time that a US president has left in office. Our perspective must remain far broader than that.


Both the prime minister (Ehud Olmert) and the defense minister (Ehud Barak) are staunch advocates of the “good fences make good neighbors” approach to resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The former spoke enthusiastically of “convening” in order to separate ourselves from the Palestinians, while the other spoke impassionedly about the need for Israel’s “detachment” from the Palestinian people.


As it turns out, however, these two statesmen nevertheless plan to allow thousands of Palestinians to work in Israel—right alongside us, no separation needed. They have no qualms about betraying their own principles and wishes provided they remain in power.


What are Barak, Olmert waiting for

Instead of divvying out weapons to the Palestinians, as they have recently agreed to do, weapons that will ultimately be turned on Israelis, why don’t Barak and Olmert work to implement the government’s ruling to allow the IDF to stop the rocket attacks on southern Israel?


What are these two doing, exactly? What are they waiting for? Do they expect residents of Sderot and Ashkelon to take matters into their own hands and start firing their own rockets? After all we have pretty decent metalwork facilities of our own


Through their incompetence and lack of decisive action, Barak and Olmert are forcing anarchy upon us. They have violated the unwritten contract by which the state pledges to defend its citizens. This is their job, and their duty. They are breaching the trust of Israel’s citizens and are derelict in their appointed duties. Apparently when living in Jerusalem’s quiet Rehavia neighborhood or in the ivory towers of Tel Aviv, one is not kept awake at night as rockets fly over Sderot.


A final world about the rest of Israel’s government, which follows our two top political leaders like stray sheep: Far be it from me to disparage our woolly friends, but there is a good reason why sheep do not serve in the Knesset. 


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