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New initiative calls for march against 60th anniversary spending

Force behind recent solidarity shopping venture in Sderot suggests holding mass march across Israel to protest government spending on Independence Day celebrations

Ilan Cohen, the driving force behind the recent mobilization of Israelis to show solodarity with Sderot by doing their shopping in the rocket-battered city, has come up with a new initiative tying the weekend shopping escapades to the growing protest against the seemingly never-ending spending sprees engulfing Israel's 60th anniversary celebrations.


Cohen is now in the midst of organizing a march which is expected to make its way to Sderot on May 2 under a banner calling to "stop the spending."


"We'll have more artists, writers, singers and sportsmen taking part this time, not to mention more social organizations and people from the academia, rallying to fight the politicians' ego," he said in a press conference held in Sderot.


"It all comes down to getting people out of the house, getting them to come and experience it for themselves… writing talkback is good, and maybe it reflects the overall sentiment, but you can't really push an agenda from a far."


The May event, he told the reporters, will protest "the government lavish spending on the 60th Independence Day celebrations and the growing lack of faith the public has in its leadership.


"If we can get everyone to create mass gridlocks in every highway and make their way to Sderot waving the Israeli flag, then we will truly have something to celebrate, by proving our unity.


"We call on everyone to take to the streets and join us, to come to Sderot, shop and show their solidarity and love to the people of this city."


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