A. Haifa Bay, 1926, four mill in Naaman
B. Jordan River-Lake Kinneret contact zone
C. Unidentified river near building
D. Haifa Bay, 1926, swamps in Akko area
E. Haifa Bay, 1926, near Bedouins' residency
F. A view on Mount Carmel from the Kishon River
G. Haifa Bay, 1926, sand dune

There were times: Haifa Bay in the 1920s

Raphael Ernest Salus immigrated to Israel in 1921, joining the founders of Kibbutz Heftizba. Throughout the years, he toured the country, guided visitors from Israel and abroad and documented the landscapes with his camera. This week, we present photos he took in the Haifa Bay area. Third and last part of series

In the past few weeks, we presented the first two parts of a series of stories featuring photos from the album of Raphael Ernest Salus, the offspring of a famous family of doctors, including photos from the 1936-1939 events and memories from the Harod Valley.


The pioneers who arrived in the Land of Israel in the 1920s would form work groups in different parts of the country, in accordance with the availability of labor.


The British government's initiative to move the channel of the Kishon and Naaman Rivers in the Kordani region (then called Jidaro) led to the settlement of several kibbutzim in Bat Galim near Haifa before creating a permanent settlement.


Raphael Salus arrived at the bay and photographed its landscapes as trees were being planted in the area to stop the wandering dunes. Not all of his photos include a caption, so we would appreciate your help in expanding our knowledge on the sites seen in the pictures.


1. Haifa at the foot of "the bald" Carmel


2. The Haifa Bay and the "Shemen" factory

3. Arab women in the sands near Haifa


4. Haifa, the German Colony and the port


5. Haifa – a passage in the lower city, near the market


6. The Haifa Bay, 1926, flour mill in Naaman


7. Unidentified place. Reliable sources claim that the building is located today in the Afek nature reserve and that one of the first attempts to breed fish in ponds took place nearby


8. Unidentified place (photo says "Haifa Bay")

9. The Haifa Bay, 1926, ancient stone building near Bedouins' residency


10. The Haifa Bay, 1926, Bedouins in Jidaro


11. The Haifa Bay, 1926, Bedouins' residency in Jidaro


12. The Haifa Bay, 1926, attempts to plant trees in "wandering dunes"


13. Flour mill on the Naaman River


14. Arab village (no identification)

15. Bathing in the Haifa Bay – fashionable 1920s swimsuits


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