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Peres: Iran – the world's nightmare
President Shimon Peres holds foreign press meet, speaks of Iranian threat, possible peace talks with Syria, fighting Hamas

President Shimon Peres held a press conference for foreign correspondents Monday.


Peres began the meet by speaking of the Iranian threat, saying it should deeply concern every nation in the world. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's call to obliterate Israel, combined with allowing a radical, crazed religious leader to reach nuclear capabilities has all the makings of a nightmare, he said.


"I'm not calling for military actions, but the world must form a coalition of strong, firm nations, willing to impose severe sanctions on Iran," he said, adding that Iran has proven itself a hub for world terror, financing and training terrorists.


Addressing the Syrian issue, the president said: "If Syria truly wants to hold talks – Israel would be willing to do so. We want comprehensive peace in the Middle East and are willing to pay a certain price for it."


As for Hamas, Peres slammed the group, saying "talking to Hamas is like talking to a wall." If not for Hamas' criminal behavior, he added, the Palestinians could have had an independent state by now: "You have to remember that we pulled out pf Gaza and still – Hamas continues to fire on Israeli women and children.


"We do not wish to harm innocent (Palestinian) population. We make sure food, fuel and medicines are let in Gaza, but we cannot ignore the damages Hamas is causing its people. They have only themselves to blame." 


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