Photo: Alex Kolomoysky
Vision. MK Isaac Ben-Israel
Photo: Alex Kolomoysky

Kadima MKs hold 'conceptual forum'

Ruling party's members hold oddly-timed meet to 'devise way to see Kadima's vision realized.' Party is not staging a coup, says MK Isaac Ben-Israel

Several of Kadima's Knesset members met Friday for what was dubbed a "conceptual forum". MK Isaac Ben-Israel hosted the meet at his Ramat Hasharon home, but stressed that the get-together was "not an attempt to stage a coup, or shift our political support… We just want to devise ways to push Kadima's agenda forward."


Reportedly inspired by the recent investigation launched against Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, the meeting was attended by MKs Otniel Schneller, Amira Dotan, Menahem Ben-Sasson, Michael Nudelman, Shai Hermesh and Shlomo Mula.


"This is a group of people who want to see Kadima's vision realized. We intend on meeting once a week," added Ben-Israel.


One of the MKs invited to the forum told Ynet that while the forum is conceptual by nature, "It is impossible to disconnect it from the context of the investigation. If a meeting like this would have taken place three months ago or three months from now, it would probably be perceived better, but we have to stress that this really isn't us going against the prime minister.


"This is a matter of great sensibility… I'll have to think twice before going," he said, adding that the meet's timing may lead to misconceptions regarding its aim.


Faced with the ongoing probe into Olmert's alleged illegal conduct, Kadima members have tried to portray a united front of support for the PM over the past few days, but several of the party's MKs have already expressed cautious views to the contrary.


Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, for one, said Thursday that "every person must posses a vision and a moral compass to guide his way." Many in Kadima saw her statement as a critique of Olmert.


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