Images of kidnapped soldiers
Photo: Gil Yohanan

Our shameless leaders

Alex Fishman slams government’s sickening conduct in relation to IDF captives, MIAs

How can they be so shameless, allowing the families of the captives to beg them, masters of the land: Please, do something to put an end to our suffering.


How can they be so shameless, at these very moments, to issue a spin after spin, enveloped in a self-righteous veneer of bogus patriotism? Saturday night, they issued the story about the hundreds of Palestinian prisoners Israel is supposed to free in order to secure the release of Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev. They attempted to create the impression that Nasrallah was backtracking on the agreement. Yet this story never happened. It was just a sham aimed at thwarting the swap.


Yet it didn’t work out, so they moved on to “Plan B” and embarked on the “rabbi campaign.” Now they are using the IDF’s chief rabbi to bury this story by declaring that the soldiers are casualties whose place of burial is unknown.


The army chief announced this week that he, as opposed to his colleagues, thinks the swap should be completed regardless of whether the captives are dead or alive, because those soldiers were sent by the army. So how can he allow the army’s chief rabbi to turn into a pawn in a political scheme aimed at thwarting the deal?


The upcoming elections are making these people lose their sanity. Nothing in this story about the captives and MIAs is real anymore. Everything is subjected to election considerations and political tricks: How can I screw him up, which ministry is more sophisticated than the others, and who will be portrayed as a greater patriot because he is unwilling to pay the price.


Sickening debate

At this time, no information being issued by our political leaders regarding the captives and MIAs is credible. Everything is about interests. There is no legitimate public debate about values here or about the price that society can and should be paying. This is a sickening debate between heartless politicians who change their mind every day in line with the weather, the polls, and their chances to survive with or without the deal.


After two years, the captives’ parents realized that the problem is not only found in Nasrallah and Mashaal’s court – first and foremost, the problem is in our own backyard. Our heart goes out to these noble families. They could not have known that over the years our experts for handling the families of captives have upgraded a special technique: Creating a thick wall around the families that would prevent them from shaking up things, a wall of “count on us, we know what we’re doing and we’re doing everything.”


They know what they’re doing? They’re doing everything? When these sad affairs are over, we will be able to see what their “everything” looks like. For two years, Gilad Shalit has been held 10 minutes from our border, and they did everything…


And just so we fully understand the level of trust these people deserve, on Sunday the prime minister claimed that his defense minister pressed for accepting the Gaza truce agreement because of political reasons (!!). Now, we cannot know whether this is real information or just a spin. If this information is true, the defense minister should be put on trial for breach of trust. If this is a spin created by the Prime Minister’s Office, they have completely lost it over there.


So that’s it; we’ve had enough. We deserve a more serious leadership.


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