Photo: Gil Nechushtan
Miki Goldwasser
Photo: Gil Nechushtan

Bring back the sons

Kidnapped soldier's mother writes open letter to ministers ahead of vote on swap deal with Hizbullah

Honorable ministers,


I hope that on Sunday, June 29th, 2008 you will vote in favor of the deal that would bring Udi and Eldad back home.


With this decision, you will prove Israel’s strength and endurance. A deal that would see several terrorists released in exchange for the sons who were sent to defend the nation does not weaken Israel; on the contrary, it shows its strength and ability to withstand the horrors of terrorism.


Once terror has started, what will stop it is not the failure to release some terrorists. We saw this recently (the murder of the eight yeshiva boys and the murder of civilians at Nahal Oz.) We have proven that we can prevent terror attacks with proper deployment; we had almost no suicide attacks in recent years.


However, if we fail to bring back the boys, the rift in the country will be deep and irreversible. This rift will be compounded by a sense of mistrust on the part of dozens of countries in the world (whose help we need, unfortunately,) as we turned to them for help, and they came through, big time.


Ranging from the United Nations, which appointed a mediator who dedicated two years of his life, to many governments that spoke out not only in favor of receiving a sign of life from the captives, but also called for their release.


How will we appear in the eyes of the world, which enlisted to help us, if we are the ones who thwart the deal that was secured?


Honorable ministers: Remember that the eyes of the nation are on you, in the hope and conviction that you will bring back its sons.


Miki Goldwasser is the mother of abducted IDF soldier Ehud Goldwasser


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