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What Iran really wants

Iranians care about Persian Gulf much more than they care about Israel

I am not a former military commander, but just like any other person who ever learned how to read I know that the entire story about Iran and a possible strike is foolish. Iran is not like Shaul Mofaz. It acts wisely when it comes to its future. It’s not really interested in Israel, although it likes to annoy us.


Tehran knows that an Israeli strike on Iran is impractical if Israel wishes to continue existing, and that a nuclear attack on Israel would prompt Iran’s destruction. Tehran also knows that the Israelis are the only ones who will strike if there is no choice, and it knows how to make us bleed without nuclear weapons.


Iran has surrounded us with zealous, stubborn terrorism and it knows that no nuclear weapons will help us in our fight against terror. Tehran wishes to annoy and threaten us because the countries it really wants to take over love its hate for Israel.


What Iran really wants is the Persian Gulf, which the Arabs refer to as the Arab Gulf. Iran emerged out of a great empire. Today, it wants to regain its place as the successor of this empire and of the Muslim empire. It united the two and ultimately it wants to take over Gulf states and Syria, and use Lebanon as a large seaport for oil.


As opposed to us, Iran realizes that if it controls oil, America in its current state will not attack it, but rather, opt to cut a deal with it, because the entire American fabric of life is based on oil. Because of oil there are towns and suburbs; because of oil, there is an America. After all, America isn’t New York – America is Maryland and California and Kansas. And there, life is not worth living without oil.


The Iranians are an ancient people with a long history. They do not wish to become extinct. What they do want is the billion dollars a day earned by Saudi Arabia. The Iranians want ancient Islam and they are going for the jackpot with the common sense that is lacking among our Mofazes, our politicians, and our arrogant military officers.


Iran winning this chess game 

Once upon a time we used to be smart. We would have not been able to establish a state under the conditions we did had every general at the time been making empty threats. Talkative generals and small-time politicians are playing into Iran’s hands these days; meanwhile, the Iranians are cheering on every belligerent Israeli statement, which serves to boost the price of oil, while they continue to hit us on our home front. Their Nasrallah has been well equipped and he knows how to fool us. He understands our weaknesses.


Yet we fail to understand Nasrallah. Hamas is also playing with us. Iran is the mother and father of both these organizations. It does not need to put its cities at risk in order to irritate us. For Iran we are merely a pawn in the chess game they invented. In this chess game they are making fools out of us and defeating the Arabs, who are nonetheless cheering on them, until they will no longer be able to do so. And then, just like in past days, Persia will rule the East, and the small Israel will contend with cruel terrorism and won’t know what to do aside from making stupid declarations.


There are certainly proper ways to hinder this process or prevent part of it from materializing. Arrogant words will not be solving the problem. Iran’s manager, its stupid president who constantly threatens us, is merely the front for its true rulers, the wise ones. Most of them do not live in Tehran, but rather, in Qom, the capital of Iranian Islam.


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