Is Hizbullah stronger than ever?
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Hizbullah: Option of war awake

Senior Hizbullah figure says group stronger than before; Lebanese political say unity government agrees on statement that grants Hizbullah right to 'liberate occupied land by all means possible'

A senior Hizbullah commander says that while the group does not seek war with Israel, it is ready for one and is stronger than before. Meanwhile, Lebanon's national unity government agreed on a statement that political sources said grants Hizbullah the right to use all possible means to liberate "occupied land."


The policy statement, expected to be approved by Lebanon's cabinet Monday, recognizes the right of Lebanon, its government, people and resistance to use all means possible to regain Lebanese sovereignty over Shebaa Farms and nearby Israeli-held parts of Ghajjar village.

Are Hizbullah, Lebanon preparing for war? (Photo: AFP)


Earlier, Hizbullah's Sheikh Nabil Kaouk told the UK's Telegraph that "the resistance is now stronger than before and this keeps the option of war awake. If we were weak, Israel would not hesitate to start another war."


"When Hizbullah is strong, our strength stops Israel from starting a new war," he said. "We don't seek war, but we must be ready." Kaouk also confirmed that Hizbullah was being assisted by both Iran and Syria.


"We are proud of our friendship with Iran and with Syria and every country which helps us to gain our rights," he said. However, when asked where Hizbullah's weapons were originating, Kaouk said: "All parties in Lebanon are getting weapons. No one asks from where."


Asked about the prospect of an Israeli strike on Iran and Hizbullah's response to such development, the senior commander said: "I doubt that Israel will attack Iran because they know the consequences."


In a recent speech delivered at the Labor party offices in Tel Aviv, Defense Minister Ehud Barak said that “the Hizbullah has doubled or tripled the amount of missiles it has in the last two years.:

Barak added that Hizbullah's missiles "can reach all parts of Israel.”


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