Sinai Peninsula
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Ahead of holidays, warnings against trips to Sinai, Thailand
Counter Terrorism Bureau releases bi-annual travel advisory warnings, says Hizbullah trying to target Israelis abroad as retaliation for Mugniyah assassination

The Counter Terrorism Bureau issued its bi-annual travel advisory Thursday regarding imminent threats on Israelis the world over.


Security officials emphasized that these warnings are not new but have decided to reiterate the specific dangers apparent in the Sinai Peninsula and pertaining to kidnappings in general.


“In light of the specific present circumstances,” the CTB has requested to emphasize the travel advisories.


Hizbullah has repeatedly blamed Israel for the assassination of their operative Imad Mugniyah, which amplifies the terror threats…thus the CTB has intensified its current travel advisors on kidnappings of Israelis abroad, especially businesspeople and more specifically, those with in contact with Arab or Muslim businesspeople. “


The Counter Terrorism Bureau suggested that Israelis abroad should:


• Be aware of any irregular phenomenon.

• Refrain from visiting or residing in Arab/Muslim countries and others included in the advisory.

• Refuse every invitation or unexpected offer and refrain from receiving unexpected gifts or free recreational activity from suspicious or unknown people.

• Refuse invitations to unexpected encounters especially in remote places and only travel with reliable escorts.

• Refrain from allowing suspicious or unexpected visitors from entering hotel rooms or apartment buildings

• If stay abroad is extended, break patterns by switching hotels from time to time and altering habitual driving patterns, restaurants and forms of entertainment.


As part of the, “partial travel advisory,” the CTB noted that there are countries like Thailand, the Philippines, Turkey and Uzbekistan which are considered “a potential terror threat.”


Thus, it is suggested to take special precautionary measures while residing in these countries.


Moreover, travelers must act in accordance with the behavioral norms published by the bureau.


The warning in Thailand is connected to the political crisis which has paralyzed the country in the last week.


The area of southern Thailand, south of the line of latitude between Krabi and Thammarat and until the Malaysian border, is considered under “high concrete threat.”


The CTB’s recommendation is to avoid traveling there and to leave the area as soon as possible.


The area of the Kawasan Street in Bangkok, a popular tourist spot for Israelis is considered, “a lasting potential threat” and it is recommended to avoid unnecessary visits there.


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