Al-Manar interviews Nasrallah
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Nasrallah: Hizbullah at war with Israel

Hizbullah leader claims Israel 'knows its navy is weak and its air force has exhausted all options,' adds that even if Shebaa Farms are returned, group will not lay down weapons, as 'arms are part of defense strategy against Israeli threat'

Hizbullah's secretary-general continues his psychological warfare against Israel: Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah said Thursday that "Hizbullah is still at war with Israel," warning supporters that "at the moment the enemy feels we are weak it will return to occupy us."


In his speech Nasrallah stressed that even if Lebanon receives control of the Shebaa Farms, his organization will continue to battle Israel. "We are not using Shebaa as an excuse to bear weapons. If the area is freed the weapons will remain because we are talking about a defensive strategy against a threatening country such as Israel," he said.


Nasrallah also referred to a speech made by Defense Minister Ehud Barak, who said this week that "the goal is to render the IDF a winning army."


"During recent weeks we have been hearing threats from the enemy," Hizbullah's leader said. "Barak spoke clearly of the Israeli option for the next stage. They know their navy is weak and that their air force has exhausted all of its options, and it cannot gain a military advantage in the next war."


He warned Israel against attacking Lebanon, as the IDF would lose. "All of Israel is saying that in a new war against Lebanon the only way to determine victory will be through terrestrial warfare, that's why Barak promised us five divisions," he said.


"He thought he was battling us psychologically and aspired to frighten the people of Lebanon in order to give hope to the people of Israel and encourage the soldiers by saying that they can be victorious with this strategy. He thought these threats could weaken Lebanon and force it to give up, but I said that these five divisions would be destroyed in the hills and valleys of southern Lebanon."


Two weeks ago Nasrallah made similar threats in a speech broadcast by the group's official network, Al-Manar TV, and warned that the next war with Israel would result in "a clear and indisputable victory for Hizbullah."


Earlier Hizbullah received a reiteration of support from Syrian President Bashar Assad, who told Al-Manar he would continue to support the "resistance." 


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