Kippa-wearing leftist? Deri
Photo: Israel Bardugo

Rightists: We won't forgive Aryeh Deri

West Bank settlers, right-wing activists form 'anti-Deri' campaign meant to stop former Shas chairman's bid for Jerusalem's mayor. We have no political preference in matter, but city can't be governed by supporter of Oslo Accords, they say

Shas has yet to react to former party chairman Aryeh Deri's announcement that he will be running for mayor of Jerusalem, but other right-wing activists, as well as West Bank settlers, have already launch a campaign mean to stop him in his tracks.


Several of the "anti-Deri" campaign members met in Jerusalem on Tuesday night to device the steps needed to be taken against who they refer to as a "kippa-wearing leftist."


"We will not forget and we will not forgive Deri's involvement in the Oslo Accords, or the fact that he forced Shas to support the center-left parties," one of the activists told Ynet.


"We have no political preference when it comes to the next mayor of Jerusalem," said another. "As far as we're concerned, the residents of Jerusalem can choose between Nir Barkat and Rabbi Meir Porush as they see fit, but this city cannot be governed by a man whose best friends with Haim Ramon – the man who initiated the evacuation of Gush Katif and northern Samaria and is pushing for the division of Jerusalem."


The campaign, they added, may include slogans of the likes of "Deri will divide Jerusalem" and "Deri is a risk to the city."


Extreme right-wing activist Baruch Marzel, chairman of the National Jewish Front party, told Ynet that "we have a long memory. Deri poses a real risk to the city, and a person who is part of the Oslo criminal gang cannot be put in the position of heading the capital of Israel.


"All Deri is interested in is the adulations entailed in the position, which is the exact opposite of what Jerusalem needs." 


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