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McCain with Palin
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Palin just right for America

Whoever came up with idea to nominate Palin as vice president is a genius

I was in the United States when Sarah Palin’s name emerged, like some sort of magic. I never saw an anonymous figure turn into a superstar in less than two days.


I heard, both here and in America, people lamenting this woman. This is America’s end, they said. She’s a devil of a woman. Yet those who said it live in the New York or Los Angeles bubble, and Palin isn’t New York – she is America.


Palin is a pretty woman. She comes from a small town at the end of the world. She is the governor of a state of fishermen and hunters, and she too enjoys hunting. She is a conservative and a mother to children one of whom is sick. She is a woman. An attractive woman. She is very Christian and she loves Mother Mary and God. She is different than Hillary Clinton. She is an American cowboy.


She knows how to talk to the gut of the Americans who do not go to a ballet performance once a month. She tells her people that it is possible to drive cars without becoming subjugated to the Arabs. So what if a few green areas will be destroyed in giant Alaska. She will give America fuel for cars and airplanes. America is a nation of cars and airplanes. Flights cost much more today, and people need to pay for extra luggage, yet the distances are great; people have to fly.


Most Americans live in small towns or in the suburbs. A woman I met in Los Angeles drives to work every day for an hour and a half, and then drives back another hour and a half. America barely has any passenger trains left. The car industry killed them. No American president can revive the trains, which used to be America’s pride, because the car industry is supported by wealthy and powerful bodies.


America likes straight talkers

No president can change the worst healthcare legislation in the Western world; in the US you need to be rich in order to be sick. Obama can yell as much as he wants to, but he cannot change the constitutional authorization to carry arms. America, just like Israel, is ruled by wealth. A significant number of representatives at Congress are up for sale. Nobody can change America’s nature; they may only be able to improve it a little here and there.


Well, Palin is a hunter, say her critics, while devouring yet another steak. She is against abortions and homosexuals. That’s really not nice, but most Americans think that if an abortion is needed, they’ll do it. And most homosexuals are still in the closet because they don’t care about the San Francisco gay pride parade. Those things look bad to me, but I’m not America. The America that lives in the suburbs has a son who studies here and a daughter who studies there, and they need to drive them to school in the morning, and for that they need fuel.


Palin speaks powerfully and boldly and America likes straight talkers. She is a woman who has done things on her own. Americans like that. She thinks that one can meet Jesus anywhere, and this is what 70 million evangelicals would also like to believe.


Whoever came up with the idea of nominating Palin as vice president is a genius. If elected she will be the

driving force in the Administration because she’s hungry for power. She has what we sometimes refer to as “killer instinct.”


Americans will vote for her more than they will for McCain, while he will bring the patriotism that is so typical of America – the God Loves America attitude. He knows something about national honor and he suffered during a war. She will bring the women, and the men who do not use color in their hair, and she will bring the presidency to her party, after its previous representative, George W. Bush, was trampled over everywhere.


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