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Livni. Good reason to smile
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Mofaz. Getting weaker
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Livni beats Mofaz by 15%, poll says
Kadima members would rather see foreign minister lead their party, with 47% of votes, compared to 32% who say they would vote for transportation minister, Yedioth Ahronoth and Dahaf survey reveals. Mofaz gets higher score in terms of ability to handle security-related issues
Kadima voters would like to see Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni as their new party chairman, according to a new Yedioth Ahronoth poll conducted by the Dahaf Institute headed by Dr. Mina Tzemach and published Friday.


According to the survey, Livni takes the lead with 47% of the votes compared to 32% which go to Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz, 8% to Interior Minister Meir Sheetrit and only 6% to Internal Security Minister Avi Dichter.


The poll was conducted among 850 people, who constitute a representative sample of Kadima voters. The gap between Livni and Mofaz is maintained even when the two compete head-to-head.


The respondents believe that Livni has a better chance of forming an alternative government (52% compared to 29% who believe Mofaz has a better chance). The foreign minister is also perceived as a candidate with a better chance to win the Knesset elections, should she fail to form an alternative government.


Livni receives better scores than Mofaz among Kadima voters in terms of her ability to handle economic issues (7.2 to Livni compared to 6.6 to Mofaz), educational issues (7.6 compared to 6.5) and welfare issues (7.2 compared to 6.8), and in terms of her incorruptibility (8.7 compared to 7.9).


In terms of the ability to handle security-related issues, however, Mofaz takes the lead with a score of 7.7, while Livni gets a score of 6.9.


When asked "who would you rather pick up the phone at 3 am?" 41% of the respondents chose Livni, while only 34% said they preferred Mofaz to be on the other side of the line.


Despite her clear advantage, it is still unclear what will happen on the day of the primaries, which will take place Wednesday. Mofaz has an advantage among Kadima activists, and thus it may be too early to declare him the loser.


Poll's full findings published in Yedioth Ahronoth's weekend supplement


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