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Olmert - Goodbye to Greater Israel
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Open a Bible

Starting point of negotiations should be that whole of Land of Israel belongs to us

On Sunday, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said that “the notion of a Greater Israel no longer exists.” The media report that negotiations are being held regarding the future of the Golan Heights. Haim Ramon proposes that we tempt settlers to evacuate some regions in the country in exchange for payments, and Ron Pundak, one of the Oslo architects, recently claimed that “the Oslo agreement was and still is a historic and unprecedented achievement.”


The barrages of Israeli willingness for concessions in every area present our leaders as very serious candidates for a reality show where obese people try to lose weight. It appears they are obsessed with losing every possible square kilometer of our country.


In any company, such characters would never be allowed to manage negotiations. After all, those who declare that their opening position is that everything belongs to their opponent cannot represent a company, let alone a state. After all, in the Middle East, when you renounce your right to put up a flag at a certain location, it shows that you are the weak side recognizing someone else’s ownership of the land.


Yet we, the Jews, are chronic sycophants. Those who are left of the center of the political spectrum are certain that “we’re not right.” These people never opened a Bible, or perhaps they fail to understand what it says – or maybe they don’t want to understand. Therefore, they are convinced that we are occupiers and robbers. Crusaders. This is where their submissive and apologetic conduct stems from.


‘It’s all mine’

They do not have the courage to say: “The whole Land of Israel is mine.” And so, while our enemies excel in playing this game and constantly claim that “it’s all mine,” our own spokespersons utter vague statements and are even scared to argue that “half of it is mine.”


The argument which our enemies must hear is: “It’s all mine.” This should be the starting point for discussions. With the exception of Ron Pundak and a handful of peace junkies who apparently reside in Disneyland, people here no longer believe in delusions. The end results clearly point to a link between concessions, “gestures” and bloodshed.


Therefore, even if I do not recognize the national-historical-strategic importance of some deserted field in the middle of nowhere, I do not rush to give it up. Such concession means admitting to the illegitimacy of our existence in our own country. The road from there to weakness and extermination is short, as is indeed happening.


Therefore, Mr. Olmert, you would do well to end this real estate striptease. It would be good if you stopped encouraging the enemy. You already made terrible mistakes that the people of Israel had to pay for with too much blood and sweat, and with too many tears. On this front at least, try to minimize the damages before your resignation. Indeed, you are convinced that “Greater Israel no-longer exists,” but reality indicates that it is you in fact who’s finished.


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