Livni following primaries victory
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Different kind of politics?

Despite Livni’s pledges, Kadima primaries characterized by misdeeds

Tzipi Livni promised us a different kind of politics Thursday morning after the final results of the Kadima primaries became known. It is possible to win even while resorting to a different kind of politics, she said, a moment after Shaul Mofaz called to congratulate her and a moment after he made clear that he will not be contesting the election results. A few hours later, Mofaz announced that he was quitting.


As he refused to share the reasons that led him to make this decision, we can only guess what they are. We can only guess why, in his restrained style, he in fact told us: You know what? You stay here, and I will go to hell. And indeed, we are the ones to stay here, with the promise for a different kind of politics, which was somehow delivered too loudly and vociferously.


We are staying here with our media culture, which reached new heights (or is it new lows) in the latest primaries. One does not need to be a third-year journalism student in order to understand that something unacceptable happened here Wednesday evening: Exit poll results were published while polling stations were still open. And we are not talking about one exit poll, but rather, a series of polls commissioned by all major channels – and all of these exit polls were distorted, and completely detached from reality.


Victory no longer sweet

We should not be laughing at Shaul Mofaz for predicting that he will win 43.7% of the vote; rather, we should be crying over the 10% Livni win predicted by all the sober-faced experts. This is part of the different politics, the new kind of politics, which is surprisingly replete with the old kind of people.


And so, 24 hours later, Livni’s brilliant victory appears somewhat dented. This is how it is – a sweet victory doesn’t always remain sweet a short while later.


And what shall happen now? Mofaz, as noted, has quit already. If the Labor party happens to also quit the government, and a ministerial post will open up at the Defense Ministry, Livni would be able to appoint, in the name of the different kind of politics, one of her lightweight associates: Yoel Hasson, or better yet, Eli Aflalo.


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