Syrians impressed with Livni
Photo: Ofer Amram

Syria praises 'Mossad beauty' Livni

Damascus newspaper lavishes praise on Kadima chairwoman-elect in editorial, asserting Livni possesses all the qualities boasted by past Israeli prime ministers, from Ben-Gurion to Ehud Olmert

Unexpected praise for Livni: "Mossad beauty Tzipi Livni is the leading political figure in Israel and the frontrunner to enter the prime ministers' club," Syrian state newspaper Tishrin said in its Saturday morning editorial, dedicated to Israel's foreign minister.


The editorial, titled "Tzipi – Israel's new bird," noted that "the ambitious Tzipi is now embarking on a busy path in order to reach the helm in Israel and turn into the new 'Iron Lady,' who will be charged with taking decisions pertaining to war, peace, and the region's future."


The paper, which reflects the Syrian regime's views, said Livni possesses all the skills required of a prime minister.


"She has all the qualities possessed by past Israel prime ministers, from David Ben-Gurion to Ehud Olmert," the paper's editor wrote. "She served in the Israeli army and reached the rank of first lieutenant, and later moved on to serving in the Mossad, where she reached prominent achievements while moving from one European capital to the next in order to take part in the assassinations of 'Arab terrorists.'"


Addressing Livni's expected future moves, the editorial said: "International commentators describe Livni as a dove among hawks. If this 'Mossad dove' wishes to repent for her crimes and the crimes of her family, and if she truly wishes to secure peace, she will get peace. If she doesn't want that, the region will remain in a state that is neither peace nor war, while facing a tense and unstable atmosphere."


"Ms. Livni knows well what peace demands and understands that returning occupied Arab land to its owners is the mystery word for forging just and comprehensive peace, which all peoples of the region hope for," the newspaper's editor wrote.


Turning his attention to the foreign minister's father, who was a senior figure in pre-Israel underground group Irgun, the editor wrote: "The biography of Israel's future prime minister is very interesting…she is a scion to a Polish family deeply rooted in terror – her father, Eitan Livni, was the operations officer of the 'Irgun' terror gang, which was led by Menachem Begin, who later became prime minister."


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