Shaul Rosenfeld

Enmity and weakness in Akko

Akko Riots merely a symptom of Arab animosity, Israel's hollow leadership

Despite their severity, the events in Akko are mostly a symptom: This includes Taufik's "quiet" and "slow" drive ("without turning on the radio," of course,) the "butcher the Jews" chants (on Yom Kippur, in the Jewish State,) the Jews fleeing in the face of an incited "handful" of Arabs, and finally, the demand that "Arab Palestinians in Israel" receive international protection before they are hit, heaven forbid, by a Jewish pogrom.


Part of this symptom is an Arab minority that includes those who have recognized the weakness and helplessness of Israel's government arms. This minority rushes to challenge "its own state," is not afraid to identify with its bitterest enemies, and at times even rises up against it during war (for example, in October 2000.) This is a minority that mostly refuses to reconcile itself to the existence of Israel as a Jewish State, with the "courageous" encouragement and guidance of its (parliamentarian and non-parliamentarian) leadership. This minority also slanders Israel abroad at every opportunity.


The second part of this symptom is a hollow, scared, and reckless Israeli leadership that clings to an "advanced" legal system and a "balanced and unbiased" media, which seek (both together and separately) to enforce their views and "enlightened values" on us. These values show contempt to ethnic distinction, especially if it comes from within our home, yet at the same time show far-reaching understanding to the distinct demands of the "other" living within us, or next to us. These values espouse open contempt to those who view land as a historical and religious value, unless we are dealing with the ethnic distinction of the other, which requires us show sympathy to it and to its territorial preferences.


Meanwhile, we have a leadership whose outgoing head is concerned about "pogroms against non-Jews taking place in Israel" in the wake of Jewish riots following the attempted murder of a 9-year-old Jewish boy - yet this same prime minister regains his graciousness in the latest case, resorting to an "emotional and brave" plea to Akko's residents to "calm the tensions."


Those characterized as part of the moderate camp within the Arab minority in Israel demand that we make all sorts of modifications. Here is a partial list: Annulling the law of return; allowing all refugees back to their homes and granting them full Israeli citizenship; granting citizenship to other Arab refugees; changing the definition of Israel from a Jewish State to a multicultural state; revoking laws that contradict the Palestinian constitution – and all of this, of course, comes on top of the need to return to the Palestinians the land we "robbed" from them in 1967.


The status of this minority in Israel is immeasurably better than that of its brethren in Arab states and even in Europe, even if it ceaselessly accuses "its own state" of apartheid, racism, and discrimination. Yet somehow, we see a sweeping refusal by this minority to join its Palestinian brethren, even though it speaks their language, shares their religion, identifies with their objectives, and waves their flag – just so it can go on living in "racist and discriminatory Israel."


Dr. Shaul Rosenfeld is a philosophy lecturer


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