Photo: Reuters
Youth hurling Molotov cocktail (archives)
Photo: Reuters
IDF kills Palestinian youth hurling Molotov cocktail
Soldiers open fire at three Palestinians hurling incendiary bombs at Israeli vehicles near West Bank settlement of Beit El, killing one of them and injuring others. Palestinian say youths were throwing stones
A 16-year-old Palestinian was killed Tuesday evening by IDF fire near the West Bank settlement of Beit El.


According to Palestinian sources in Ramallah, the boy, Abdel Rahman Badwi, was throwing stones at Israeli vehicles. An army spokesman said the youth was hurling Molotov cocktails.


Palestinian sources reported that a group of youngsters from the Jilazun refugee camp was throwing stones at Israeli cars near the Beit El settlement was hurt by shots fired by an IDF force patrolling the area.


According to the Palestinian report, the youth was killed on the spot and his body has yet to be turned over to the Palestinians. The two other teenagers were said to have been moderately to seriously injured.


The IDF reported that during an operation near Beit El, soldiers spotted three Palestinians holding Molotov cocktail The force carried out the "suspect detention procedure," firing at one of the Palestinians and hitting him.


The troops were operating in the area in light of multiple incidents which included the hurling of incendiary bombs in the Beit El area.


'Not every child is an existential threat'

A Palestinian security official told Ynet that the shots fired at the youths hurling stones were unjustified.


"These incidents can harm the cooperation and coordination with the Israeli side which are slowly being restored. The killing of this youth damages the Palestinian people's trust in any process of dialogue and coordination with Israel.


"As the two sides work to maintain stability and improve security, we expect the IDF not to treat every 16-year-old child as an existential threat to Israel," the source said.


Also Tuesday, IDF forces detonated a 100-meter (328-feet) tunnel uncovered by Palestinian police officers in the West Bank city of Hebron. The officers informed the Civil Administration about the tunnel on Monday.


The IDF is looking into the possibility that the tunnel was used for terrorist activities.


Efrat Weiss contributed to this report


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