Is someone planning to assassinate MK Zkoor?

Arab MK gets bodyguard

Akko Knesset Member Zkoor assigned extra protection in wake of threat on his life

Not taking any chances: The Knesset's security force has decided to assign a bodyguard to Knesset Member Abas Zkoor after the Arab MK was informed his life may be in danger.


Zkoor, who is an Akko resident, has been in the news frequently in the past week in the wake of the Akko Riots and his attempts to calm tensions in the city. Several days ago, he received a text message detailing a plot to target him.


"It's a very grave feeling, yet despite all I believe this is a radical handful who seeks to undermine the fabric of life," Zkoor told Ynet. "We won't allow them to do it."


"I received a text message from a girl who wrote she heard a voice message meant for one of her relatives," he said. "The message said that a soldier from the north wants half the payment before the assassination and the second half later. The message said that these elements seek to kill me."


Later, the same girl sent additional messages claiming that she had proof of the plot.


"I did not stay indifferent," Zkoor said. "I turned to the Akko Police, who contacted the Knesset Guard. They were at my home Thursday and told me they contacted the girl and that while the matter is being clarified I need to be assigned a bodyguard. I trust the police to do everything in their power in order to apprehend those people."


Zkoor, who is a father of six, said his family is taking the threats seriously. "This certainly causes fear, yet I always say that everything is in God's hands. With that in mind, I'll do everything in order to protect myself."


Following the outbreak of the Akko Riots, Zkoor headed the effort to end the violence. Among other things, he was behind a manifesto distributed among Jewish residents of the city that offered an apology for the acts of the Arab man who prompted the riots by driving on Yom Kippur.


Meanwhile, the police confirmed that the Knesset Guard assigned Zkoor a bodyguard.


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