Masses at Haider's funeral
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They haven’t learned a thing

Lavish funeral for far-right leader Haider shows that Austria hasn’t changed

No. Many Austrians have proven yet again that they have not changed. They have proven that they have not learned a thing, and that they do not wish to learn or to change.


The funeral arrangements for Jörg Haider, the leader of a far right party, only served to prove that when it comes to Austria, what used to be there is still what we see there to this day.


The man who on more than one occasion praised his countryman, the fuehrer of the German Reich, got the kind of funeral usually reserved for kings or presidents, including a funeral ceremony and convey in line with all the military honors. His funeral was attended by hundreds of politicians, as well as senior officers and other dignitaries, including the Austrian president and prime minister.


Not to mention the tens of thousands of mourning and crying Austrians, many of whom are World War II veterans, who again proudly displayed the badges of honor and medals they received in their roles as the trusted and fanatical servants of the Reich, which was headed by their countryman for the 12 darkest years in the history of humanity - Adolf Hitler, born in the town of Braunau am Inn.


No. They have not learned a thing. More than 70 years ago, on April 10, 1938, a total of 99.7% of Austrians said “yes” to the question of whether they wish to be annexed to the great Reich (back then they called it the Anschluss.) Tens of thousands of them rushed to the join the ranks of the SS and were amongst the most distinguished Jew-killers.


Jörg Haider’s funeral has proven once again – as was already proven by the results of the elections held in the country about two weeks ago – that many Austrians still long for those days, 70 years ago.


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