Lieberman - Insulting?
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Olmert with Mubarak
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Mubarak insulted again

Lieberman’s anti-Mubarak comments were harsh, but why did we rush to apologize?

Knesset Member Avigdor Lieberman said some harsh words about the fact that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak does not at all bother to visit Israel. Lieberman added that if Mubarak does not wish to visit here, he can just go to hell.


These words were neither polite nor diplomatic, and it also was not the smartest thing one can say – but after all, Lieberman is merely an opposition Knesset member. If Mubarak had to call and apologize every time an opposition member in his country curses Israel, he would not have even a free moment left for turning Egypt into the advanced and successful country that it is.


Whoops, now I am being insulting as well. I apologize, Mr. President, I did not intend to do so.


Shortly after Lieberman said what he said, all our toady senior officials quickly called President Mubarak in order to update him on the words that were uttered at the Knesset, so that he will not hear it first from a stranger on the street, heaven forbid.


While keeping him up to date, they also asked him not to be insulted, telling him that this Lieberman character is a wild beast that does not represent anyone. These senior officials kept on apologizing, and also flattered Egypt, saying that it is a strategic ally of Israel, a great nation, and is generally awesome.


Mubarak knows how to get offended intentionally very nicely, going back to the days where he was insulted by an unflattering imitation on the part of Israeli comedian Eli Yatspan. In fact, Mubarak is so good at getting insulted that someone needs to rush to placate him even before he gets insulted. Otherwise, who knows what this bad tempered uncle may end up doing.


Even without listening in on the flattering talks held with the Egyptian leader, I am willing to bet that neither Olmert nor Peres ended their conversations with Mubarak with the following sentence: “And to the matter at hand, regardless of what Lieberman said, why don’t you come for a visit one of these days?”


Now that’s an insult which the president would truly not have been able to endure.


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