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Wake up, Israel

Time has come for dramatic reassertion of Israeli sovereignty

No other nation on earth except Israel remains under the persistent attacks of an enemy whose reason for existence is the absolute destruction of the Jewish state. Few other nations would permit this barbarity.


Globally, only Israel is ludicrously lambasted by the collective world body as the "greatest threat to world peace." Even Iran fails to achieve such an honor from much of the world.


This, at a time when global jihad has been openly declared by Islamic terrorists, horrendous attacks occur almost bi-weekly somewhere in the world and Iran flagrantly ignores international demands to halt uranium enrichment while its president publicly denies the Holocaust.


In an era where instantaneous electronic communication is the norm, Israel deals with an enemy in Gaza whose only true form of persuasion remains daily Qassam rocket and mortar barrages. And what of the supposed ceasefire?


Indeed, where in the UN Charter does it say that if a nation is subject to terror attacks, then that nation can be blamed for causing them? And who among Israel’s political elite is actually convinced that some form of negotiated agreement, imposed or otherwise, will permanently end hostilities with Hamas and appease its leadership? Surely the failure of the current ceasefire should serve as a stark warning for any future permanent "ceasefire."


This censure is not meant to cast the "peace process" as ultimately hopeless or impossible, nor to placate the UN as a meaningless collection of duplicitous extremists. Not yet anyway.


Rather, Israel must insist that the only acceptable precondition for any sort of negotiated peace "agreement" should be the absolute cessation of terror – and that’s what Hamas’ rocket and mortar attacks are – and until this terror has ceased, the unrelenting persecution of those committing the attacks must go on. This execution of anti-terror policy must once again extend to Hamas’ leadership.


Perhaps some reminders are in order: Israel is the legal, independent state established in 1948 and recognized by the UN. Israel possesses a legal army that defends the Israeli people. And as a result of these two facts: Israel has the right to act to defend herself in removing existential threats to its existence. The recent lull in violence cannot be used to enhance Hamas’ position by legitimating their despicable actions.


Fleeting mirages

The land Israelis inhabit is Israel’s land – historically, Biblically, internationally and legally. Moreover, there exists no room for historical fidgeting. Enemy powers have come and gone in attempting to annihilate Israel and its people. They destroyed the Temple and built over top of its ruins, but by divine grace, within the lifetimes’ of many still alive today, Israel was brought back together. Moreover Israel possesses incomparable wealth and power and indeed is the envy of many nearby; this wealth will only grow larger with time. So too will the envy.


As Israel’s enemies fast encircle the land in preparation for a war to once and for all wipe the Jewish state "off the map," Israelis must not be deceived by the "peace" talks with Syria, the "lull" in violence with Hamas, or the calm vis-à-vis Hizbullah after the 2006 war. These moments are but fleeting mirages; Israel’s enemies are not.


Leaders in Jerusalem must realize that one day soon, Israel will ultimately be alone in the world. Which world power legitimately can and will defend Israel once the United States packs up from Iraq and goes home to lick its wounds? Will Barack Obama supernaturally appear in the sky to save "God’s Chosen People?" Perhaps the Europeans will reluctantly pick up their guns to protect the same people they practically annihilated a mere 63 years ago? What of the "new," worldlier Russians? That would be the same Russians assembling Iran’s nuclear program and supplying Syria’s offensive missiles.


And so it seems even Israel’s so-called "friends" would not care much if the Jewish state would cease to exist tomorrow. That would actually solve a lot of the world’s problems.


History demands that Israel wake up, stop its internal bickering and incessant dithering, recognize its extraordinary past and patently defend the land it rightly possesses. If Israel does not do so, one day soon there will be more than just a few Arab nations calling for a 'final solution' to the Middle East conflict.


Decisions must be made today to defend against that future. Indeed, a nation that lacks the will to safeguard its sovereignty will one day simply fail to exist. Israel cannot fail at this crucial juncture; may history guide and protect her footsteps in these perilous times. Alas, no one else is willing.


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